Find The Best Place To Buy Loose Diamonds

The best places to buy diamonds online comes with a lot of convenience. It certainly saves on time and energy that could otherwise be used moving from store to store in search of the perfect stone. Online diamond stores offer give you the opportunity of window shopping from the comfort of your computer.

If you across continents, it saves you the time and money that could be spent traveling all the way to the store. Buying loose diamonds online also comes cheap because online stores do not have to pass down the cost of the rent and security to the price of the diamond.

Below are reputable sites that are the best places to buy diamonds online. Please use your own judgement when making any purchases. makes no claims of services offered or takes on any liability for business conducted with the companies below.


allurezThis store is known for designing and retailing high-end diamonds. It is one of the best places to buy diamonds online.Their site is very user friendly and attractive. They have certified loose diamonds .The site has a template that allows you design your own engagement ring by choosing a setting and then selecting the diamond shape.

It also has a calculator the calculates the price with each subsequent choice of setting and shape combination. This a great site to buy from because they also offer free shipping, fast delivery and in case you don’t like the diamonds they send you, they ensure the return is free of complications.

They also have a template that allows you to learn more about diamond and the various terms used to determine a diamonds value like color, clarity, carat weight and cut. In the same page is a buyer’s guide that allows the buyer should look out for when buying a diamond.


blue-nile-diamondsThis is a company that has cut a niche for itself in the diamond business. Attractive and user friendly site. Also allows you to design your own diamonds by selecting a setting and a diamond shape. They offer a bluenile credit card hat allows you to pay for you purchase over time.

The card has no annual fee and it also allows you aces to promotions and offers that are only for card members. You can apply for the card on their site and this means there is no lengthy paperwork.

The site also has a template that has in depth information about diamonds that will educate the buyer . The site assists buyers make a wise decision before purchase. They also offer free shipping.


whiteflashVery user friendly site and easy to navigate. It is also attractive but does not tire the eye. The site offers a wide variety of diamonds to choose from. The site also allows you to design your own diamond.

The only downside of the site is that it does not educate the buyer more about diamonds. Most buyers are green in the field and would make better decisions after reading buying guides.


AbaziasLogoThis site is easy to navigate and has a wide variety of certified diamonds that are not treated. You can design your own engagementring according to your taste and preference. The site has a price calculator to enable you compare prices.

They have huge discounts going as high as 50% less than physical store prices and 25% less than online stores. They offer world class customer service because they have invested in employing the best.


diamonds-on-webSite is easy to navigate through. The site allows you to create a ring of your choice and be able to present a unique gift to your loved one. It has an education template to educate the consumer more about how to choose a diamond based on color, cut, clarity and carat weight.

They have a financing plan that allows you to pay back within 6 or 12 months. Application is done online. This allows flexibility in payments and can allow you to get a better diamond without draining your pockets at once. You can pay in small manageable installments.


helzbergThis is a site that started with a proposal from Barnette Helzberg to his wife Shirley Bush. Here you can also design a unique ring by choosing the shape of the stone and setting. The site offers free shipping and also allow you to track your purchase through their site. Helzberg has a credit card that expands your purchasing power.

Cardholders enjoy special offers that are only eligible to cardholders. No interest is paid if the purchase amount is paid within 6 months. No interest is charged if the amount is above 749 dollars and is paid in full before 12 months.


solomon-brothersThe site has a detailed price list that is grouped according to shape, color, weight, cut, depth, table and depth. It also has an education page that provides information that help a buyer evaluate the stone the would like to buy based on color, clarity, cut, carat weight and shape.

It has a search button that allows prospective customers to search through their huge database of diamonds. The site only offer free shipping for purchases above 245 dollars.


A good point to note about the above online stores is that they all sell certified diamonds and all they all strive to provide excellent customers experience. Customer service is a key factor when evaluating where to buy your rings. Businesses that take customer service seriously also goes to show how they will handle the whole process.

Bad customer service is a good indicator that you will get a shoddy job done and might not be happy with their work. The best places to buy diamonds online are online stores with a good track record. Diamonds don’t come cheap and you need to do thorough research before making a purchase.

Tips For Buying Online

You don’t want the authorities knocking on your door to question you about a certain diamond you purchased online.A lot of scam sites exist too and it is up to you to protect your self. Also make sure that the site you choose to buy from has certified diamonds that are from conflict free zones.Do not allow any one to steal money that you have worked so hard for.

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