Feast Your Eyes on 2016’s Top Jewelry Trends From Fashion Week

jewelry trends 2016
jewelry trends 2016

Thanks to Fashion Week 2016, catwalks to London, New York, Milan and Paris were filled with glamour both in the design-sense and the celebrity-sense.

We, normal folk, look to celebrities to give us some form of fashion direction.

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And they, being high society, get their occassional doses of inspiration by front-rowing every runway show.

Since we can’t always wait for them to donate trends to us, we must keep an eye on the runways ourselves- albeit via our screens.

The same exact phenomenon happens with jewelry!

We cant just sit there and wait for J-Law to rock the latest statement piece. We have to rummage through the runway looks to know what’s hot.

Either that, or we look for snazzy articles such as this one that make it all the more easier.

You are welcome.

Here are the top jewelry trends from Fashion Week 2016.

Reviewing the jewelry chosen to accessorize the Fall and Winter 2016-2017 collections, what struck us most was that statement jewelry seems to have officially replaced last year’s trends of subtle multi-layered necklaces and stacking rings.

From baroque revivals to the big, bold ’90s, it seems this fall’s motto is: the bigger, the better! Whereas designers in Paris and Milan went for the elegant, maximalist approach, experimenting with layering and unexpected color combinations, the stand-out collections in London and New York were given an edgy, neo-punk twist to make a bold statement. Read more…

90s Gothic Revival

It looks as if this trend is here to stay. Choker necklaces are back in vogue and featured as one of the key trends at the shows of Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Rihanna’s Fenty X Puma during New York Fashion Week.


Baroque Jewelry

Baroque jewelry has made another comeback. Marchesa’s collection, in particular, affirmed this.

Designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig drew their inspiration from the Edwardian painter John Singer Sargent. Incorporating diamonds in dramatic, multi-layered necklaces, dangling earrings and sparkling tiaras, Marchesa’s collection was all about creating tension and showing exuberance and grandeur.

Assymetrical jewelry trend

Asymmetry and single earrings

It also looks like 2016 is going to be the year for earrings worn on their own.

From a single pearl stud at Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini in Milan to one bold, dramatic hoop at Loewe in Paris, diverting from symmetry and playing around with clashing styles and trends seems to be the way forward this fall.

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