$280,000 Stolen Diamond Removed From Thief’s Intestines

Woman Steals Diamonds

So, if you have ever wondered whether it was a good idea to swallow a diamond you planned on stealing – it’s confirmed to be a BAD IDEA.

A 39 year old Chinese woman who was visiting Bangkok apparently stole a 6 carat diamond worth almost $280,000 from a Jewelry Fair. She then decided to swallow the most likely super sharp object to avoid being caught by Police.

But Bangkok police weren’t buying it, and they took her to a doctor whose X-Ray’s revealed the stone was stuck in her intestines. She then confessed.

Apparently the thief decided she would ask the jeweler to see a rock and then replace it with a fake one without anyone knowing.

The woman, identified as 39-year-old Jiang Xulian, and a Chinese man were arrested Thursday night at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport on their way out of Thailand on the basis of surveillance video from the fair just outside Bangkok, where earlier that day the duo allegedly switched a fake stone for the real one after asking to inspect it. The dealer at the booth selling the diamond also identified the two.

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The woman first refused the help of the doctors/authorities but was convinced that the diamond could actually do serious damage to her body.

You don’t normally hear about thieves swallowing diamonds, especially because they don’t look like something you’d want to swallow.

It’s mostly drug dealers that use this technique but in 2012 police caught a 25-year old South African man who swallowed over 2 million dollars worth of diamonds! He was also caught at the airport thanks to a full body scan.

Don’t steal diamonds folks. Buy them legitimately instead!

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