4 Amazing Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are a unique look – a stark contrast from the classic round shape.

It’s square cut with rounded corners look almost like a pillow – hence the name “cushion” cut.

If you’re looking something your partner could literally fall into, check out these 4 amazing selections we found.

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14k White Gold Channel Set Princess

14k White Gold Channel Set Princess w/ Cushion Cut

If you want to walk on the cushion side of life, but don’t want to commit to just one cut, this ring is perfect for you.

The elegant band is laced with 16 sparkly channel-set princess cut diamonds flanking the center stone, which is, of course, cushion cut.

This ring is perfect for anyone who wants a little extra sparkle on the side, while intensifying the look of the main attraction.

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18k White Gold Classic Truth

18k White Gold Classic Truth Head With Cushion Cut

Sticking with the theme of having some princess cut diamonds in the channel of the engagement ring, we present to you something from the “Brian Gavin Signature” collection.

This tapered solitaire engagement ring (available with cushion cut center stone), features the princess cut stones half way down the band with a “Truth Head”

This is a more classic and simple look, but still stunning in it’s beauty. The setting type is pave with side stones and is also available in a variety of other metal types.

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18k White Gold “Elora” Petite

18k White Gold Elora Petite

Our next pick comes to us from WhiteFlash. This simple and elegant “Elore” petite engagement ring comes with your choice of diamond, but we think it’d look great with a cushion cut stone.

The design is unique with it’s ridges along the sides of the band holding 14 tiny round stones for an added shimer and shine. The total weight of the included diamonds is 0.25 ct.

The design was put together delicately, and it’s details make it an ideal way to show off your chosen center diamond in the 4-prong setting.

The ring takes approximately 2 weeks to complete and can be made in white/yellow gold or platinum.

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14k White Gold Laurel Leaves

14k White Gold Laurel Leaves

Our final pick comes to us from our #1 pick in engagement rings online, James Allen.

The Laurel Leaves ring is a beautifully designed setting with  a thing band to accent the center stone’s grandeur and sparkle intensely.

But the true elegance in this ring comes with the four breathtaking marquise diamonds that adorn the sides. They come together to form a bay leaf shape on each side.

Why bay leaves? Because they express victory. And what else is love, if not victory in life?

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Thanks for checking out today’s picks of 4 beautiful cushion cut diamond engagement rings from the best retailers on the internet. If you don’t see yourself buying any of these rings outright, use them as inspiration for the perfect ring!

4 Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
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