4 Engagement Ring Myths Totally Debunked

De Beers Engagement Ring Myths

Yes it’s time! It’s ring shopping, proposal planning, starting the next chapter of your life time.

And you couldn’t be more excited. Mixed up in there however, is probably a tiny but of nervousness and apprehension.

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Everyone seems to have suggestions about how you should go about getting that perfect diamond engagement ring for when you pop the question.

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While keeping an open ear and mind are good virtues, be sure to take a quick look at these age old myths, that honestly, just don’t apply.

Myth 1: Bigger diamonds are a better choice

People assume that women prefer wearing huge diamonds on their finger. not just for its appeal, but also because it’s said that a bigger ring indicates more love between the couple.

However not all women fancy big diamond rings. It’s true. Many in fact prefer wearing a quaint and smaller ring.

Think about your partner and what her routine is, sometimes it just isn’t practical to sport a huge diamond.

It’s better to emphasize on the ring’s quality rather than size and buy your love an affordable, small, sparkling and perfectly cut ring instead of a dull, large, expensive diamond.

Myth 2 : Don’t shop with your partner

Some people think that shopping for their engagement ring with their partner dampens the surprise and makes the proposal less romantic. While men traditionally buy and surprise the woman with the ring, it’s can actually advantageous to bring your partner along while shopping.

Some women are very specific about getting the ring of their dreams, and though they might love the effort, really want one SPECIFIC ring. This will save you time and a bruised ego if you have to go back later and exchange the rock. Other times, bringing your partner along can actually help you save money. When they also know the cost, and your combine budget, your significant other may make a case for a ring you can afford, instead of an overly extravagant set that will put you in debt.

Don’t worry about the ring not being a surprise, you still can wow her with the proposal.

Myth 3: The ring has to cost 2-3 months’ salary

Sorry to say ladies, but this the most misinterpreted myth created years ago to increase the consumers’ budget for buying a diamond ring, and thus benefiting the diamond industry.

There’s absolutely no need to follow this rule and it is always recommended you buy your ring based on your budget and affordability. With diamond rings available at a variety of prices, you will be sure to find one at every price point, from less than $1,500 to rings with six figure rates!

Myth 4: Gold Rings are no longer in vogue

Gold has always been a popular jewelry metal. Today vintage jewelry seems to have taken over as an engagement ring trend, and of course, there are people who prefer wearing a platinum metal band with their diamond instead of a gold one.

However, the best way now, and for all time, might just be to give your diamond a classic appearance is by paring it with a yellow gold band. Something about this combination really highlights the diamond.

With these 4 common myths debunked, hopefully your quest in finding the perfect diamond engagement ring just got a whole lot easier! The next step, finding the best jeweler around.

4 Engagement Ring Myths Debunked

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