4 Regal “Three Stone” Engagement Rings That Turn Heads

3 Stone Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is a statement. So the ring should be one too!

We love solitaire rings, but sometimes you want something that is bold and beautiful.

So, today we found 4 absolutely stunning and regal-looking engagement rings with 3 stones.

If you’ore looking for something that will turn heads then these choices might be something to consider.

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Take a look…

18k White Gold Verragio Beaded Braid Princess Cut

Verragio Braided 3 Stone Engagement Ring

Our first pick is an elegantly designed Verragio designer engagement ring.

This 3 stone ring features a solid gold setting with intricate braiding that adorns the sides, extruding from the side stones. It also braids all the way down the ring for a unique touch.

The braiding also features diamond melee and a center diamond between 2 and 3 ct.

It also comes in yellow and rose gold if you prefer.

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14k White Gold Princess and Sapphire 3 Stone Ring

Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a little splash of color in a 3-store engagement ring, check out the next WhiteFlash piece.

This is also a Verragio designer ring from their Parisian collection. In addition to two blue sapphire side stones, the sides of the setting are adorned in a diamond melee as well.

Add to that the beautiful and intricate braiding along the sides of the ring setting, and you’ve got a stunner of a piece.

The blue stones add such an elegant look to an already beautifully designed piece.

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18k White Gold Emerald and Baguette Engagement Ring

Emerald and Baguette 3 Stone Engagement Ring

This beautiful piece from Brian Gavin features a center stone set with 4 flat prongs and side stones.

It’s a graceful, elegant and regal look that commands attention and respect.

The stones featured in the ring are baguette cuts and the side stones in the 3 stone setup are 0.3 ct. The ring features a center diamond of your own choosing.

If you’re looking for something that’s got stature, this ring is definitely one to put on your short list.

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18k Rose Gold Trellis for Princess Cut Diamonds 3 Stone Ring

Trellis for Princess Cut Diamonds

Our final pick for this regal group of 3 stone engagement rings is another Brian Gavin piece from their signature collection.

It’s available in 18k Gold (White, Yellow or Rose) or platinum and features a 3-stone trellis setting. The center stone (chosen by you) is held in place by v-shaped prongs for a unique look.

If you’re looking for a 3 stone engagement ring that’s graceful in it’s beauty, we’d recommend this piece here.

The Brian Gavin signature collection is designed in-house, so the craftsmanship is top-notch.

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Thanks for reading!

4 Regal 3-Stone Engagement Ring
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