5 Amazing Diamond Rings that Cost as Much as a Used Car

Expensive Diamond Rings

Everyone loves diamonds. But sometimes you come across a piece of jewelry that you either 1) can’t afford to buy right now OR 2) can afford to buy right now but really shouldn’t!

So in that spirit, today we’re bringing you a few really beautiful diamond rings that cost as much as a used car.

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Now, granted these wouldn’t be the most expensive used cars in the world, but they sure are expensive rings!

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But they’re gorgeous, so if you’ve got it, why not?

Check them out below:

Platinum Royal Halo Rollover Cushion Engagement Ring

Platinum Royal Halo Engagement Ring

First up is a huge piece from James Allen that is the lowest priced ring on the list. But don’t let that fool you.

This incredible platinum statement is encrusted with over 120 diamonds. That means you get over 1.2 ct in bling bling on your finger for a brilliant shine.

It features a pave rollover cushion halo outline with a pave accented undergallery and a triple row pave shank.

It’s an absolute stunner and shines like it’s actually a carat and a half.

Although it’s a cushion shape, all the diamonds are actually round cuts.

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18k White Gold Simon G. Caviar Diamond Ring

Simon G. Caviar Diamond Ring

Now we get into the real “used car” territory. And it starts with a blinding giant bouquet of diamonds from WhiteFlash.

This modern white gold band features multiple halo set diamonds along with shimmering round cut diamond accents.

You get a total of 81 diamonds for a total carat weight of 1.3.

If you’re looking for something that really stands out on the finger, this is a great choice.

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18k White Gold Fancy Light Yellow Cushion

Fancy Light Yellow Cushion Ring

Next up is a massive piece from Brian Gavin that puts the F in fancy.

An 18k white gold diamond ring with a 1.5ct light yellow cushion cut stone surrounded by 0.33ct of diamond melee, this piece is sure to turn heads and make jaws drop.

The ring is available in sizes 5-9 and is a pleasure to just look at.

The intricate design of the setting and melee isn’t an average look.

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18k Rose Gold Natural Fancy Pink Diamond Eternity Ring

Rose Gold Fancy Pink Eternity Ring

If you’re want to trade a used car in for a fancy ring, but don’t want something gigantic on your finger, we’ve got something special for you.

This rose gold beauty from James Allen is a sleek and elegant eternity ring encrusted in 38 brilliant round diamonds.

The real treat is all the diamonds are fancy pink in color. You get a total carat weight of 0.65 around the band.

If you like the toned down look but still want to put 10 bands on your hand this is it!

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18k White Gold Simon Set Ring With Rose Gold Accents

Simon Set Diamond Ring With Rose Gold Accents

Our final piece for today is a part of the Simon Set Collection from Simon G. and WhiteFlash

A unique and elegant look, this ring is definitely a one-of-a-kind, so it makes sense it’s the most expensive piece on the list.

The beautiful white gold is embellished with 81 pink and white diamonds to make a gorgeous mosaic on your finger.

The rose gold accents add a timeless characteristic to a beautifully modern ring.

You get a total of 2.59 ct of sparkly stones in this one.

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5 Amazing Diamond Rings

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