5 New Engagement Ring Trends To Take You From 2018 to The Rest of Your Life

Engagement Ring Trends

If you are looking for a nontraditional, unique and fashion engagement ring that will make you stand out and add personality and uniqueness to your union, play around with any of the above new engagement ring trends.

Find the one that fits your love story.

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Whether you are planning an engagement, marriage, or you simply want something fashionable to accessorize your attire, rings can form a significant aspect of that process.

When shopping for such rings, it is very crucial to source them from a reputable supplier who will guarantee you value for your money.

To make your purchase hassle-free, you can get your ring from a renowned online diamond shop where you are able to get a wide range of great quality rings at different price ranges.

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Below are some of the new engagement ring trends you can expect to see making an appearance in 2017.

Engagement Ring Trends

1. Twisting and Woven Silhouettes Ring

This is a very elegant engagement ring that features intertwining strands of both metal and diamonds. Just like the split shank, the twisting and woven silhouettes may be made up of strong bands and an elegant show-off center stone. The ring symbolizes intertwining fates, which makes it an extremely romantic engagement ring choice.

2. The Distinctive Diamond Halo Rings

Halo ring designs usually feature the traditional round cushion-shaped diamonds. They are largely sought-after rings mainly due to the romantic vintage-inspired appearance.

Also because of how the halo of the accent diamond help in making the center diamond appear larger. So many couples prefer the distinctive halo designs like the curvy and ornate halo or multi-dimensional halos featuring stunning side views.

3. Colored Stone RingsĀ 

These are exceptional engagement rings with very colorful gemstone settings. Some of the most popular gemstone color shades you will find include; pink, blue, blue-green and black.

Furthermore, if you love vibrant emeralds, sapphires, opals, or pale pink morganite, this is the perfect way to add in a touch of color to your everyday life.  It is a unique type of ring that will make you stand out from the rest while making your engagement even more vibrant.

4. Elevated Vintage Rings

Designed from the old vintage design, these rings play on the already established vintage trend with something extra added. These rings represent a timeless, classic love, with a touch of new age glamour. The ring itself has striking details from each angle with a distinctive, luxurious and lavish look that is bound to turn heads.

5. Black Diamonds RingsĀ 

Engagement Ring Trends

This is another unique category of engagement rings that features a superior quality black diamond center stone. The gem is expertly cut  to achieve maximum beauty and the same is held in place by an elegantly designed piece of metal that synchronizes with the rings beauty. Work in as much or as little of an edge as you like with tons of options to choose from.

Whether you want to purchase a black diamond solitaire ring, a black diamond three stone ring, a black diamond ring with accents, a black diamond matching ring set, or a black gold diamond engagement ring, they have you covered.

More Options

Other new engagement ring trends you can get from a reputable online diamond shop include; updated solitaire rings, surprise detail rings, the new three-stone styles, delicate silhouettes, rose-on-rose rings, geometric designs, and twisted band.

Traditional rings are a thing of the past. You and your love is unique, why not have a ring that celebrates that?

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