6 Great Diamond Bracelets That Sparkle Bright

Shiny Diamond Bracelets

It’s the first day of November and that means two big things:

  1. Black Friday
  2. Christmas

Now you know there are going to be some great sales on for Black Friday, and it’s a great time to get your Christmas shopping done too.

So in that spirit, we want to share 6 great sparkly diamond bracelets that caught our eye today.

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18k Yellow Gold with Platinum Bezels “Braided Link”

Braided Link Diamond Bracelet

Our first piece is from WhiteFlash and it’s a stunner.

The exquisitely designed “braided link” is adorned with 27 Hearts and Arrows diamond melee and comes in both yellow and white gold.

With a length of 7 inches, it makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves a little bling in a beautifully braided setting.

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18k White Gold 3 Row “Enmeshed Diamonds”

3 Row Enmeshed Diamonds Bracelet

This next piece is beautiful from every angle – there’s no getting away from it. 

The 3 rows of the bracelet are adorned with a huge number of diamonds for a sparkle and shine that is unmatched.

It also comes in two sizes. The “3 Row” has 51 diamonds, while the “Nine Row” has 162. All of the diamonds are Hearts and Arrows stones.

Both bracelet sizes are around 7 inches in length but the widths differ with the smaller of the two coming in at 12.8mm in width and the larger being 31.75mm in width.

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18k White Gold Alternating Diamond Hearts

Alternating Diamond Hearts Bracelets

This is a great gift for a loved one or someone special in your life.

Brian Gavin Diamonds brings us a beautifully designed alternating heart bracelet full of diamonds.

You get about 0.85 ct of diamond melee in the heart shaped linked setting.

Unfortunately, this only comes in white gold, so if you were hoping for a different metal this might not be one for you.

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14k White Gold Half Bezel Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Half Bezel Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This beautiful tennis bracelet is a shiny reminder of your affection for anyone in your life.

In 14k white gold or yellow gold, this bracelet comes with 64 diamonds. The setting is very well designed and linked together in an elegant way.

Tennis bracelets are very popular types of diamond bracelets. If you’re interested in something simple, yet gorgeous this is for you!

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18k White Gold “Sprinkles” Diamond Bangle

Diamond Sprinkles Bangle

That’s right, not only traditional link bracelets, we’re coming at you with the classic bangle!

This modern and stylish alternative to a traditional bracelet gives you all of today with a touch of the classic.

You get 7 larger baguette stones around the bracelet while the rest of the setting is adorned with 90 round diamonds.

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14k White Gold Criss Cross Diamond Cuff

Criss Cross Diamond Cuff Bracelet

Our last piece is definitely our favorite look. It may be thin, but the criss cross design of this beautiful bracelet steals the show

This fashionable design is set on a single row of prong-set diamonds. 

And for a more comfortable fit, the bracelet features an open cuff. There are a total of 157 round cut diamonds adorning this piece.

It is 7 inches in length and the total carat weight of the stones is 0.42 ct.

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6 Great Diamond Bracelets

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