6 Unique Diamond Earrings That Just Look Great

Unique Diamond Earrings

If you’re tired of the regular old diamond stud earrings, then look no further. Today we’re bringing you 6 totally unique designed diamond earrings that will look great on anyone!

The diamond earrings below are of the more “feminine” variety, in case you’re not into that sort of thing.

In an upcoming post, we’ll get you some great and simple sets that would be great for any part of the spectrum.

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Without further delay, here are our picks!

14k Yellow Gold “Ever After” Starburst

14k Yellow Gold Sunburst Diamond Earrings

These sparkly stars are unique in that they flare out on one’s earlobe like the starburst they’re designed after.

The round cut diamonds in the earrings are set in 14k white gold that mimics a snowflake or star shape.

These are modern and romantic, while still being great for everyday wear.

There are a total of 34 diamonds in this pair of “ever afters.” That means you’ll get a total diamond carat weight of 0.19 ct with an average clarity of SI2.

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14k Rose Gold Cluster Disc Diamond Earrings

14k Rose Gold Cluster Disc Diamond Earrings

For a really unique design we turn to these rose gold beauties at James Allen.

Petite yet whimsical and fun, these diamond earrings combine a cluster of stone studded discs and open circles for a design that you can’t find at any generic jewelry store.

For a unique, fashion-forward look definitely check these out. There’s a total of 80 diamonds on this piece with a total weight of 0.18 ct.

All of the stones that come in the ear setting are round cuts with clarity of SI1-SI2 minimum.

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Tacori Island Rains Sky Blue Topaz Chandeliers

Sterling Silver With Blue Topaz Chandelier Earrings

These beautiful chandelier earrings from WhiteFlash are nothing short of stunning.

Now, athough they’re not technically diamond earrings, they were so gorgeous we had to include them here.

With an elegant and almost vintage look that’s reminiscent of island life, blue topaz is enclosed in sterling silver with 18k yellow gold accents.

Like pools of water sitting in a clean setting with signature Tacori crescents, this is a piece of statement jewelry perfect for summer or winter.

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18k White Gold “Diamond Burst” Earrings

18k White Gold Diamond Burst Earrings

Ok, so enough with the detour and back to the diamonds.

Our next pick is another WhiteFlash piece set in 18k white gold. This diamond burst pair of earrings look exactly like that – a burst of diamonds protruding from the ear.

With intricate details you’ll get 8 round diamonds surrounding the center princess cut stone.

The earrings have a width of 9.7mm and contain an approximate weight of 0.72 ct.

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18k White Gold Pear Drop Diamond and Sapphire Earrings

18k White gold Pear Drops With Blue Sapphires

Can’t get enough of those blues, so this time we’re going even deeper.

Our next piece is a gorgeous and highly unique design from Brian Gavin. These elegant earrings aren’t your average look and feature 2 diamond melee and and 6 4mm AA pear shaped deep blue sapphires.

The backing of the earrings is the heavy friction type.

Since these earrings are made in house, they’re also available in other metal types.

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18k Yellow Gold 3 Stone Complete Diamond Earrings

18k Yellow Gold 3 Stone Complete

Our final set of diamond earrings are a gorgeous pair from Brian Gavin that stop the eye in it’s tracks.

There isn’t much to say about these ones, because the beauty is quite evident from first sight.

If you’re looking for a unique pair of earrings that still scream elegance, these are your best bet.

They feature 0.2 ct of diamond melee and are available in other metal types as well.

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