A 60 Carat Diamond Belt Buckle, Plus Exclusive Blue Nile Special Offers!

Can a man legitimately wear a 60 carat diamond and still be manly?

If you weren’t a believer before, you definitely will be after witnessing this new awe inspiring Roland Iten belt buckle.

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This thing is MASSIVE. Crafted with 18k red gold with a crater sized setting specially designed for the 60.66 Carat cognac diamond that sits in it. Talk about luxury and you’ll be talking Roland Iten.

Expensive Diamond Belt Buckle

Can you say amazing?!

Iten is a Swiss designer of men’s jewelry whose concepts are super-luxurious to say the least. But not only are they fashionable, they make sense. Here’s what Forbes says about Iten’s pieces:

Iten is best known for his mechanical belt buckles that don’t only look good, they are also certainly the most logically thought-out men’s accessory outside of wristwatches I have ever laid my eyes on.

Designed, developed, and manufactured according to the same exacting methodologies that are utilized to create a very fine Swiss watch, Iten’s mechanical delights are 100 percent made in Swiss workshops.

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This incredible rich-man’s accessory is called “The Diablo” – and don’t let the orange-brown color of the diamond fool you. It’s considered a “fancy” diamond that has no visible inclusions in it (which means its crystal clear to the naked eye).

It’s actually clear enough to allow you to see through the diamond to the mechanics of the belt buckle itself.

Here’s some more pics for you to drool over

Photo Courtesy Forbes.com

Here’s Quill and Pad’s take on this massive diamond belt buckle:

And while a rapper may wear an eye-catching amount of “bling” or “ice” every now and then, I must say that I have never, ever seen a hip-hop singer wear such a momentously sized diamond that an auction house might describe it as “important” in a sale catalog.

In fact, I can’t really say I’ve ever seen a woman wear a significant diamond in the 60-carat range, either. Unless I was looking at pictures of coronations, royal galas, stars on the red carpet, or something akin to Elizabeth Taylor’s legendary Taylor-Burton diamond.

With the advent of the R60 Diablo mechanical belt buckle, Roland Iten now assures the world that you no longer have to be a princess to wear an incredible jewel in an everyday setting.

Or even a prince.

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Check out this video to learn more:


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