Buying Loose Diamonds vs. Diamond Jewelry

Large Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are cut diamonds (not necessarily rough diamonds) that have not been mounted on a setting.

A setting is the rest of a piece of jewelry (ex/ the band of a ring, the chain of a necklace or the metal of a pendent). Diamond jewelry is, obviously, a stone or stones already set in a pre-made setting.

Loose diamonds are quickly becoming popular because it allows for complete control over how the diamond is used. You can design your own setting and come up with the ring, bracelet or necklace style of your choosing.

Buying loose diamonds for sale online is a convenient, easy and affordable way to purchase a stone you like.

Learn How to Buy Diamonds Like a Pro

How To Know What’s What

diamond jewelry

The internet is powerful when it comes to buying commodities like diamonds that do not come cheap.

With a few clicks, you can find out if an online seller is reputable, what your best options are, how to make the right decision and what the best price you can get is.

Sure, there are scams out there that you need to be careful of, but it’s easy to find out how legit a diamond store is. And don’t forget, lab created diamonds are becoming a popular option as well.

If a site is selling synthetic jewellery and trying to pass them off as natural, you can bet you’ll find reviews online telling you to steer clear. If a site is trustworthy and values its customers, the same customers will sing its praises. And then of course, there’s people like us who can help you make the right choices.

Be sure to check out our take on the best places to buy diamonds, jewelry and engagement rings online.

Comparing Different Settings and Stones

Comparing Diamonds

It takes a lot of searching for the perfect stone and setting. Shopping for diamonds online allows you to compare different stores, their prices and the types of diamonds they have without having to be there physically.

That’s great for people not necessarily in metropolitan areas that don’t have the.. trendiest.. jewelry stores nearby.

Even if you do have lots to choose from locally, moving from store to store physically can be time consuming and exhausting. Let’s not even get started about shopping internationally – plane tickets ain’t cheap!

Some of the best jewelry stores online will show you pictures of the actual diamond you’ll be receiving, not just some stock photo.

That’s an important thing to consider, especially when you’ll be spending thousands of dollars on it (and showing it off to everyone).

Be sure to remember the “4 C’s” of buying diamonds – it will help you make the best choice.

Why Design Your Own Diamond Jewelry?


Getting loose diamonds makes it easy to design unique jewelry according to personal taste and preference as opposed to buying ready-made jewellery which you are stuck with.

A buyer can choose a preferred stone type/cut, a completely unique setting and all the bells and whistles in the design they desire.

But.. you don’t even have to buy loose diamonds…

Most major retailers, like James Allen, will allow you to design rings and other pieces right on their site in real-time.


Buying the diamond alone, as opposed to within a setting, is often cheaper as well. Without the labor of creating the jewelry, prices tend to remain reasonable.

You may end up picking up a HUGE rock you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford, had it been pre-placed into a jewelry setting.

Diamond Certification

GIA Certified Loose Diamonds

Now a big thing about buying diamonds is knowing where they come from. Yes, we love diamond jewelry. But we absolutely HATE the barbarity and inhumanity involved with some aspects of the diamond mining process.

That’s why we recommend only buying certified conflict-free diamonds.

Saving a couple of bucks is not worth the human cost the world as a whole pays through the trade of blood diamonds.

Now, you can never be 100% sure unless you’re doing the diamond mining yourself. So we will have to rely on international certification boards like the GIA.

What is The GIA

The GIA is the Gemological Institute of America – a non-profit organization that researches diamond issues, educates the public, grades diamonds and issues certificates.

It was established in 1931 by Robert M. Shipley. Before the GIA , every jeweler had their own way of grading diamonds and there was no uniformity. And it was often difficult to know exactly where your diamond came from.

This made buyers and sellers susceptible to cons which led to things like under valuing or over valuing stones, inadvertently dealing in conflict stones, and buying illegitimate diamonds.

The GIA uses the 4 C’s (clarity, cut, carat weight and color) to evaluate and grade their diamonds for quality assurance and valuing. They also trace the origins of the diamonds to ensure they are conflict-free.

Most reputable retailers online (like Blue Nile and James Allen) only deal in certified conflict free diamonds that can be traced to reputable mines and mining companies.

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