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20 Best Emerald Cut Engagement Rings for Your Big Day

If you wonder: Is it ok to use an emerald cut as an engagement ring? Definitely! Emerald cut engagement rings give a glamorous and reflective effect similar to a captivating mirror thanks to its wide facets. With their elegant nature, emerald cut engagement rings...

About The Author

Olivia Bennett

Olivia Bennett

a dynamic and accomplished expert in the diamond industry

With over a decade of experience, she has established herself as a go-to authority for all things diamonds. Olivia's love affair with these exquisite gemstones began in her childhood and has only grown stronger over the years.

Having worked closely with diamond miners, manufacturers, and retailers, Olivia possesses a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the industry. From diamond grading to sourcing and the latest design trends, her expertise is unparalleled. Clients value her impeccable taste, attention to detail, and personalized approach.

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