Common Jewelry Myths You Might Still Be Holding On To

jewelry myths
jewelry myths

A lot of women have jewelry boxes holding their most priced jewelry possessions. Some were gifted to them, others were found on a bargain, others were bought on a large conscious budget.

And most were likely bought behind the guise of informed jewelry knowledge.

There are a lot of jewelry myths going around. And they affect how jewelry is bought, how it’s handled and even how it’s perceived.

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Today, you’ll look at three huge myths that you might be holding on to yourself.

Love and Pieces couldn’t have more precise with their article:

Despite the fact that many of us are around and own jewelry our whole lives, we don’t really know that much about it.  In fact, a lot of what we know about jewelry is just plain wrong.  So we thought we would write about some jewelry myths and why they just aren’t true. So without further ado, we’ll debunk some of these jewelry myths for you.

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You thought you knew everything about gold? You thought diamonds were indestructible?

Think again.

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