De Beers’ Head Designer, Hoarding Diamonds And Behind The Scenes!

DeBeers Hoarding Diamonds

De Beers’ Releases Stockpile of Diamonds

That’s right, it looks like diamond bohemoth De Beers has released a stockpile of diamonds and that is resulting in a price correction in the market.

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What does that mean? Apparently it’s a really good time to invest in diamonds! So make sure you’re out there buying diamonds before the price starts to creep back up!

Here’s what the Twitter world is saying:

But it’s not all doom and gloom for people currently invested in the market, as a De Beers executive is very hopeful about the future:

De Beers’ Head Diamond Jewelry Designer

Hollie Bonneville Barden is the 29-year old designer behind the beautiful pieces of De Beers diamond jewelry you see. Making waves in the industry, Barden says her main purpose is to inject as much creativity into De Beers’ brand as she can.

With pieces like the one to the left being “everyday” for Hollie, you get a sense of what she means. recently sat down with the designer to discuss what sparks her imagination.

When it comes to design inspiration, Ms. Bonneville Barden is drawn to the Art Deco period—particularly the way they were combining diamonds at the time. In her own designs, she tends to juxtapose round and baguette cuts.
Describing herself as “quite a ring person,” Barden has designed pieces that have graced the bodies of some of the most famous people in the world, including worldwide sensation Adele, who is an avid De Beers wearer.

Diamond jewelry is, of course, still being sported on red carpets and at other star-studded events. Adele is a regular De Beers wearer, and Kate Winslet wore them recently.

“We normally lend out for the Oscars,” she said.
But at the other end of the spectrum, she also sees people wearing their diamonds with jeans.
“You can dress them up, dress them down,” she said. “I think the rules are becoming more flexible, which is really nice.”
The article is an interesting look inside the mind of one of the most prominent diamond jewelry designers in the world. And to be in such a position at such a young age is quite a feat. We look forward to seeing more of her jewelry designs in the future.
To read the full interview between and Barden click here.
Want an idea of what the edgy new designs are coming out of the De Beers camp?
Check this out:
A new addition to the collection, the Wonderous Sphere, is a striking three-dimensional design made with 691 yellow, green, pink, and brown diamonds set on eight concentric, rotating silver rings centered around a 17-carat yellow rough diamond.
And before we leave you, here are some amazing De Beers pieces that have caught our eyes recently.

De Beers Behind The Scenes

De Beers recently launched a new advertising campaign for their Bridal Jewelry. Take a look at the behind the scenes videos below!
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