What are GIA Certified Diamonds?

It is very important for every consumer to protects themselves by buying GIA certified diamonds. There is a lot of unscrupulous trading when it comes to diamond trading. Make sure you know about the best place to buy certified diamonds

What Does GIA Certification Mean?

GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America. Gia was established in 1931 by a trader named Robert M. Shipley and his wife Beatrice. At this time, most people, traders included knew very little about diamonds. People we buying flawed diamonds at very high prices and traders would unsuspectingly sell diamonds of more value at very low prices.

Each jeweler also had his own grading system hence there was no uniformity hence mass confusion especially for the consumers.Some Traders would also con unsuspecting buyers. There was need for knowledge and a universal solution had to be found.

The institute headquarters is located in Carlsbad CA. The institute is a non profit organization that researches, educates on matters pertaining jewels, grades and issues certificated of diamonds that have passed their standardization test.

Gemological Institute of America

GIA has employed experts in the field of diamonds and they are quite thorough in their work. This is the sole reason why it has become one of the most trusted sources of diamond certification in the globe. Apart from protecting the consumer it has also helped many individuals grow careers.

GIA is present in 14 countries. Long distance learning is available and you can learn diamond design and manufacture from the comfort of your home. Diploma courses offered are graduate diamonds,graduate colored stones, graduate gemologist, graduate jeweler, graduate pearls, accredited jewellery professional, jewellery design and technology, jewellery design course and comprehensive CAD/CAM for jewellery course.

certified diamonds

GIA uses the 4Cs (Carat weight, clarity, color and cut) to grade the quality and value of diamonds. Carat weight is determined by the weight of the stone rather than the size. The heavier the stone the higher the carat weight and the more expensive it gets.

Diamond clarity is influenced by factors such as blemishes that might interfere with the diamonds beauty. Color is dependent on the yellowness or whiteness of the diamond. White diamonds are more expensive than the ones with a yellow tint. Red is a rare find hence very expensive.

Intense colours like pink and blue are also expensive. The cut of a diamond is very important because it can interfere with the symmetry. Symmetry is very important because it influences the brilliance, fire and reflected light. Fancier cuts like are more sophisticated and come with at a higher price. A wrong cut can make a flawless diamond appear dull and this will be sold more cheaply.

Every reputable jeweler should have GIA certificates and here is why every buyer should buy gia certified diamonds.

Diamond comparison is made easier

A buyer needs to compare diamond prices in order to get the best value for their money. With the absence of a standard certificate, the buyer would get different views and opinions from different sellers. This will obviously this forces the buyer to settle with the most convincing jeweler since they cannot be sure without the information needed to make their own decision. If the jeweler is dishonest, the buyer ends up getting conned.

Recovery of stolen diamonds

GIA normally inscribe diamonds using laser technology. Most stolen diamonds end up changing hands because the main reason they are stolen is for the burglar to make profit. If a buyer didn’t do a due diligence when purchasing diamonds, chances are that they might also sell it and somewhere down the line, someone might attempts to have the diamond certified.

This is where the advantage of having it certified and laser inscribed will come in handy. It also helps law abiding citizens avoid the trap of buying stolen diamond since you can never be sure of the source without a certificate. If you diamond gets stolen,simply report it stolen and you might be very lucky to get it back because it will surely be traced.

Conflict Free Diamonds

Commonly known as blood diamonds, that come from areas where there is illegitimate governments and mining and production of these diamonds involves a great deal of suffering and oppression for the miners. Such diamonds come from factions and governments that are not internationally recognized. Their proceeds could also be used to fund illegal activities like terrorism.

Kimberly process was introduced to curb the trading of conflict diamond and since inception, the trade has greatly reduced.

GIA will never certify diamonds that have not passed through the Kimberly process and this way we will keep the world safer and reduce human suffering by buying diamonds that are legitimate.

Quality assurance

GIA is a respected and trusted organization and buying certified diamonds assures that you are buying quality. It is better to trust the word who has nothing to gain from your purchase that to believe the word of a seller who is in business to make profit. It also allows you to buy something that will not come disappoint in future.

Can you imagine buying a very expensive diamond for your loved one then they find out through other sources that the diamond is not of the value you said it was? This would definitely create a lot of turmoil and could make you appear dishonest. The seller will also be able to know what exactly they are selling you and this will creates a good business relationship.

That’s why it’s good to know exactly how to buy diamonds the right way.

All gia certified diamonds protect buyers from unknowingly buying synthetic jewels. A lot of people have been conned into thinking that they are buying natural diamonds.

Job creation

GIA has continued to provide employment opportunities. A lot of people are employed to conduct the training as well as research and grading. Every time you use GIA services, someone at GIA gets to keep their job. It has also made it easy for people to join the diamond trade and earn a living. You get to also contribute towards world growth by supporting GIA efforts.

Go ahead and buy gia certified diamonds and save yourself the disappointment of realising that you were conned. Also note that your jeweller might not necessarily be dishonest but they might overlooked some factors when sourcing for the diamonds hence might not be aware of what exactly they are selling you. This mostly happens with new jewellers or jewellers who dedicate the purchasing their diamonds to someone they presume trustworthy.

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