How to Buy a Diamond Ring

how to buy a diamond ring

Buying diamond rings is not a walk in the park.

Just think of the options.

From one day to the next, you could be buying an engagement ring, a friendship ring, a birthday present, an anniversary gift, an apology gift – the list is endless.

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But one thing you can breathe easy about is that the general process of selection and buying goes pretty much the same way.

There are key things your need to consider while you make your choice.

Here’s what you need to do:

Select the diamond shape

There are ten standard shapes that diamonds are cut into. Round shapes are the most common but are usually more expensive than non-round ones. Popular non-round ones are the princess cut (square) and the cushion cut (mid between round and square).

What does she like? Does she go for round shaped rings and pendants or does she go for the edgy kind? Use what you’ve noticed about her style to inform this choice.

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Or Select a Colored Diamond

Don’t just select a diamond shape. Go a step further and select true fancy colored diamonds. Such rings are, however, pricier than their colorless counterparts.

It goes without saying that you should choose her favorite color. Do this if the price agrees with your budget.

Colored Diamond Rings
Fancy Yellow Diamond Rings

Choose the Metal

The choices usually include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Platinum is a dead ringer for white gold. The difference is that platinum is more durable and therefore, more expensive.

This is a pretty easy one to figure out. Check the general metal and metal color in her jewelry box.

Diamond Ring Settings
Diamond Bands

Choose the ring style

Now here’s the kicker. You need to know what style of ring you’ll go for – sorry – she’ll go for. This could make the difference between her loving the ring and absolutely hating it. And it doesn’t make it easier that online stores have so much variety!

You need to go with what you’ve seen in her taste or perhaps from advice her friends or closest people can give you. Will it be sleek and modern or straight-up vintage? Does she love subtlety or serious shine? What’s her general fashion sense? What kind of art is she usually into?

All these could give you a clue. Otherwise, make sure there is a return policy in place.

Figure our her ring size

This is something you don’t want to mess up on. Make use of her friends to spy for you or you could do the spying yourself. Sneak into her jewelry collection and find a ring you’ve recently seen her wearing then use it to get her size. Best case? Take it all the way to the jeweler for them to size it up themselves.

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And of course, be sure of the jeweler’s return and resize policy. Just in case.

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