Unique Uses Of Diamonds

Diamonds are known as luxurious and rare gems.

As such, people are always looking for GIA certified loose diamonds to create the perfect jewelry. However, there is more to these gems than what meets the eye.

As the saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

However, I bet you haven’t heard that diamonds are a doctor’s best friend or even an audio expert’s best friend.

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Aside from being a precious stone used for jewelries, diamonds are also being used in different fields outside the fashion scene.

Diamonds in the Medical Field

Diamonds have unique properties that make them special in some medical applications. They are being studied for their chemical, biological, mechanical, and optical properties.

diamond uses

Ancient people from different cultures also used diamonds for their healing processes, although their applications were more from superstitious beliefs rather than from any medical basis. They used diamonds as a cure for poisoning, internal cleansing to ward off plagues, and even for psychological treatments.

Today, studies are being made on diamonds not as a natural medicine but its practical uses as a tool for the diagnosis and treatment for some medical conditions. Diamonds are considered to be used in prosthetic, sensing and imaging devices, and drug delivery that could change the history of medicine. Dermatologists use diamonds for skin exfoliating treatments, while some chemotherapy treatments use diamonds to help with the absorption of drugs into the patient’s system.

Diamonds in Electronics

In the field of electronics, diamonds are being studied as a better substitute for silicon in microchips. It is possible that super computers of the future will have diamonds in them. The question is if future computers will be more expensive. We’ll see.

uses of diamond

Diamond materials are also being considered to enhance the audio quality in speakers. Since diamonds are known to be good conductors not only of heat and of light, it may also be a good conductor of sound.

Scientists in the U.S. and in Germany are also developing microscopes with diamond particles; this means that it is possible we will be able to see particles in an atomic level. Imagine being able to see and learn more about atoms.

More Practical Uses

It is commonly accepted that the diamond is the strongest natural substance on earth. This is the reason why it is used in much more practical levels that take advantage of its (almost) indestructible quality.

Diamonds are usually being used in mining and engraving because of its durable qualities that make it perfect for grinding, drilling, and cutting tools.

It is not surprising that the diamond is one of the most expensive minerals on earth. We may find more practical uses for diamonds.

It may be beneficial to look for the best place to buy diamonds and keep some of them handy. It has properties that make it truly unique and special. Overtime, diamonds have really proven their worth.

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