Where Are Most Diamonds Found?

Where Are Diamonds Found?

Diamonds are extremely rare and that is why they are so special. Formation of diamonds is a tough process and only a few survive the hazards they are exposed to and make it to the surface. Have you ever wondered where the diamonds you possess originated from?

Before a diamond reaches the consumer via a retailer, it will have traveled several continents before getting there.It will also have passed through the hands of several craftsmen of different walks of life. Each diamond is unique and has a long story behind it. People’s lives have been put to risk when mining the stone but they persevered the hardships in search of the precious stone.

Where do most diamonds come from?

Russia Diamonds

Russia is believed to have the biggest diamond resources and contributes about 22% of the world’s diamond supply. The mining industry in Russia has greatly improves the country’s economy. The country has plans underway to increase production. Alrosa mining company is the leading producer of diamonds in the country. The diamonds are found in the Republic of Sakha, Arkhangelsk Oblast and Perm Oblast.

Botswana Diamonds

Jwaneng meaning place of small stones is the richest diamond mine in the world. It is located in southwest Botswana. This is about 120 kilometers west of Gaborone city. This mine is owned partly but the government of Botswana and the Debeers company. The mine uses the open pit method of excursion and is located on three kimberlite pipes. The mine has greatly helped in the country’s economy and has been a source of employment for many.

Zaire Diamonds

Zaire was the world’s third largest producer of diamonds but this has long changed because the country reduced its production. Large deposits of diamonds are found in Kasai Occidental, Kasai Oriental regions, Mbuji-Mayi and Lodja. Bakwanga mining company is state owned is responsible for mining in the Kasai Oriental region. Zaire’s diamonds fetch a high price in the international market and this has always attracted illegal mining and smuggling.

Australia Diamonds

The country has a very large low gem quality diamonds known as the Argyle deposit. This is found in the Kimberly area and accounts for about 90% of the country’s production. A small percentage of alluvial diamonds are also found in Smoke Creek. Australia also has a small source of higher quality diamonds located in Merlin and Northern Territory. Large scale open pit and alluvial mining methods are used.

South Africa Diamonds

Diamond mining is the country has been going on since the 1800s. This was prompted by the discovery of the famous Eureka diamond. The country produces a significant amount of diamonds for the world market. Mining of diamonds has been the driving force towards growth of Africa’s richest country. Debeers mining company has dominated the mining and trading within the country and outside. Kimberly is the leading producer of diamonds. It is the capital of the Northern Cape province and is located about 110 kilometers east of the Orange and Vaal rivers.

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