Getting engaged soon? Looking for some reasons to justify your preference for a small engagement ring instead of a big one?

Contrary to popular culture, it’s not always the size that counts, it’s all about your personal preference, what you’ll be comfortable with and proud to wear as a symbol of your love.

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There are several signs that can immediately tell if you better get a smaller diamond for your engagement ring, let’s see some.

1. You’re Saving for Future Expenses

Don’t start your marriage life with debt!

Maybe you’re a lady who has her eyes on something bigger than what you wear on your finger, if you have plans for the future and getting a larger diamond will delay/affect those, it’s not always necessary to get a diamond larger than the one you have.

As a marriage is a partnership, you know it might not be the best idea to start off your union in debt by paying for a ring that’s over budget.

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You may want to save the money for your big wedding day, honeymoon, or future home purchase. A smaller diamond will show you’re practical and money savvy.

2. Making Other People Jealous isn’t Your Thing

Women for all time have been showing off their rings, and the size of the rocks that come with it (okay, not all the times, most of it).

This can often leads to jealously or disappointment in your own romantic situation, putting pressure on your partner and strain on your relationship.

If you’re someone that has no interest in this type of competition, and places no correlation between the size of your diamond and the love of your fiancé, opt for a size you’re happy with.

After all, you may be showing off your ring once or twice to others, but you’ll be the one seeing your ring everyday and every night. Your happiness is the most important.

So, just remember it’s about you and your loved one, not people.

3. You’re not a Big Fan of Diamonds

Now this may not apply to most women out there, I mean, a diamond is a girl’s best friend, but some people just don’t prefer it (lucky you if your girl is from that type).

If that’s the case, you can either get another jewelry item, or opt in for a small diamond because at the end of the day, you need to propose with something.

If you’re looking at sporting one of the new engagement ring trends of the day, you might appreciate incorporating a unique metal or design that is special to you, instead of focusing on size.

4. You’re not Comfortable Being the Center of Attention 

In some circumstances a large engagement ring may look odd in the workplace, and even prove inconvenient while going about your everyday routine, in some cities, you won’t be comfortable wearing a large stone in streets or subway stations.

For example, if you work as a public defender or in a restaurant, both the size and the grandeur of your ring might draw the wrong type of attention towards you.

Some people just don’t want be on the focus spot, even on parties, they like to hang around without being the center of attention.

5. Quality vs Size

One benefit of wearing a smaller engagement ring is that you’re able to buy a better quality diamond, which is something people seem struggle to understand.

It’s not always about getting a larger diamond if you want it to be remarkable, you can get a 0.7 carat diamond that looks way more beautiful than a 2 carat diamonds.

That’s because getting an excellent cut is the most important factor in determining diamond’s beauty, not the carat, and that’s why cut is the most important factor among the 4Cs.

When your budget is limited, many people forget that a smaller, more perfect diamond might be the better choice than a larger flawed one.

Bigger flawed rings can be seen from afar and only invites unwanted commentary as it can’t be conveniently hidden. This applies to color, cut, and clarity. No one wants to walk around with a cloudy-looking large rock that will draw everyone’s attention for the wrong reason.

6. Less Obvious to Potential Thieves

Big rings tend to sparkle, but that’s not always a good thing.

The chances of your attracting a thief’s attraction are higher if you flash around a huge engagement ring.  This is especially true if you’re traveling or living in a crime prone area.

However the chances of a small ring attracting anyone’s attention are greatly reduced as your safety is increased.