Get the Engagement Ring Of Your Dreams With These 6 Tips

Engagement Ring in Heart Box

Ladies, we all know that an engagement ring represents so much more than men will ever know.  They show the world we’re committed and loved, a standing symbol of a partnership for all time.

However, they also represent our personalities, status, personal style and so much more. If you’ve you’ve spent years dreaming of the perfect ring, don’t settle for less.

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Remember you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life, naturally you’ll want it to be a perfect reminder and symbolization of you.

Let’s face it, most men haven’t spent years thinking of a ring, the right diamond shape, what color band best compliments your skin tone, the best place to buy an engagement ring,  or the other hundreds of factors you already perfectly know about your dream ring.

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Give him a little help with these tips to insure he pops the big questions with the perfect ring in tow.

Find Perfect Engagement Ring

Go shopping together

On your next trip to the mall, make a small detour to look at jewelry. Point out some rings and settings you like, and confirm your ring size. Don’t put any pressure to purchase a rock then and there; just use it as an opportunity to give him hints of the designs and styles you find interesting.

Pictures help

Guys  are visual creatures. Showing him pictures of a certain style, cut, and setting will make a lasting impression.  You can do this subtly by commenting about a friend’s engagement picture or showing him some photos of rings you like in the magazine or internet. Remember this works only if you both have discussed your future together. If he’s not ready, showing him pictures will only stress him mentally and financially.

Forwarded information his way

If you can combine information and visuals together, you’ve got a good shot at getting his attention. Infograhics are perfect for this. Just do a quick check beforehand that it does actually contain relevant tips, otherwise he might end up more confused.

Enlist a friend  

Employ the help of your friend or family member, someone you know he will turn to for advice for your perfect ring. Then when your boyfriend is ready to buy you your ring and needs ring hints, your confidantes can help him out.

Build a customized ring

Do some research, and once you decide the specific things like color or cut you like, you can suggest creating a custom engagement ring together.

This can be a special experience for you too.  Although you may have a specific design in mind, he may add an element of surprise, or ask about commonly ignored factors that you’ve never thought of when buying a ring.

Trust him

This one is a tricky one, but ideal for romantics. The man you’re marrying is your perfect match, which means you trust him with your future, your happiness, and perhaps even your ring. Of course, you can still subtly mention your preferences in cut and color.

An ideal guy will tuck these pieces of knowledge away ready to use when he shops for the perfect ring for you.

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