Getting Engaged on Valentines- Romantic or Cliché?

Cliche Engagement Proposals

Many people plan to get engaged on Valentine’s Day; it is, after all, a day of romance and love.

However before you too decide to propose, take a minute to consider the pros and cons of your idea.

While it may be just right for some couples, your soon to be fiancé (crosses fingers) might think it’s a bit cliché.

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I get it, if you’re in love and have been waiting to propose, the suspense might be killing you.

Add in the romantic atmosphere, chocolates, hearts, roses and ring deals, they all work to make Valentine’s Day seem like the perfect time to pop the question.

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I mean they’re almost making it too easy right? Even the restaurants, spas, and resorts are in on the plan, with tons of deals and packages you could both be enjoying, just as soon as she says yes.

Why wait another minute?

Well, it turns out, there are quite a few reasons for why not.

Think of the crowds 

Unlike Christmas or Thanksgiving where people generally celebrate the holiday with their families at home, Valentines’ is a public affair. Forget the private, intimate setting you were thinking of, replace that with thoughts of long lines, full reservation list, and sitting elbow to elbow with strangers at a restaurant.

It won’t be a surprise

If you’ve spent time coming up with the perfect proposal, one which she will be happy to tell her friends and family over and over again. It goes without saying that you’ve probably gone to great lengths to make it a surprise.

I’ll let you in on a little secret; there are three times throughout the year that women already secretly think you’re going to propose.

  • Her birthday
  • Valentines
  • Christmas

Yes, getting engaged on one of these dates may make them more special in the years to come, but it will also most likely not catch her by surprise as much as some other date will.

Not unique

As stated before, you’re most likely not going to be the only one with plans to propose on Valentines. Imagine yourself at a restaurant, ordering champagne, starting off with your appetizers, telling her how beautiful she looks, and BAM some couple at another table just got engaged.

Someone else has stolen your thunder.

The whole restaurant is clapping for them, your date has commented either positively or negatively on her thoughts of being engaged on Valentines, and you’re stuck there wondering whether or not to go through with your proposal at dessert. It’s not a situation I would want to be in.

An expensive proposition 

Get ready to pay a pretty penny. Proposing on Valentine’s Day can get rather expensive because of the skyrocketing prices of all things romantic, red, or pink.

Be prepared to spend more money if you plan to propose on Valentines compared to almost any other day of the year. Flowers, dinners, chocolates and virtually anything associated with romance will be priced higher during these two weeks.

Yes, some stores offer amazing deals and sales, but most take advantage of people who make last minute decisions in attempts to celebrate. Even IF you are able to get reservations, your choices may be limited, such as picking option 1 or option 2 of a pre fixe menu, and you can count on service being much slower than usual.

The best thing to do is make your reservations well in advance and ask about any changes restaurants, hotels, or other shops are planning for the day.

You’re going to propose anyway

If you’re ready to get married and are set on proposing on Valentines because none of the reasons above are concerning to you, that’s great.

Just do a quick double check to make sure your flowers are unmistakably available and going to be delivered, reservations are secure, and if someone else happens to gets engaged on the same day, well, forget them.

We all know it’s really all about you and your future fiancé anyway. Let me be the first to say congratulations!

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