How to Clean a Diamond Ring and Maintenance Tips

Diamond Cleaning Tips

The sparkle of a diamond. Is there anything in life quite a beautiful?

Ok, yes, the laughter of a child, the happiness of loved ones, but the sparkle is pretty high on the list. Remember when you first got your ring, when you said yes to the perfect proposal?

You couldn’t stop looking at your finger, taking pictures of your hand, showing everyone around just how beautiful your engagement ring was.

But then over time, while still special, you’ve neglected your ring a little bit. This ring, your beloved spent so long searching for, finding the perfect jeweller, and planning for. This ring that serves as a symbol of the love between you two, it’s become a little more dull, a little less shiny, and a little more covered in lotion.

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It’s time to get that shine back. The good news is you don’t require an expert for the regular cleaning of your ring.

Obviously, it’s recommended to take the piece to a professional once in a while, or even browse for an upgrade while there, but in most cases, the following tips will help you to personally maintain your diamond from home:

Soaking in Warm Water

The cleansing power of warm water is well known from dishes, to clothes, to even engagement rings. Warm water assists in breaking down hand cream, soap, sweat, and other similar compounds that are often lodged on the surface of diamond rings.

Soaking the ring inside this water for around 15 minutes will be enough to remove much of the accumulated dirt.

Always ensure that this water is never too hot. Although diamond has a high melting point if you dip a ring with joints in hot water you increase the chances of cracking it.

Mix the warm water with detergent

Use soft detergents to fasten the cleaning power of warm water. These detergents make it easy to break the body oils and other pollutants around your ring. Care must, however, be taken to make sure that the detergents are not too strong or corrosive as this will damage the ring.

Gentle hand/dish soap or shampoos are the most recommended solutions for ring cleaning purposes. Word of caution though, while good for your skin, try to avoid using soaps with moisturizers as they can create a film in your ring.

Use a soft toothbrush for deeper cleaning

Sometimes a ring comes into contact with strong dirt solutions that make it hard for a simple soak in warm water to dispel.

In other cases, especially with complexly designed diamond rings, dirt can get into remote areas that aren’t accessed easily. In such cases, a soft toothbrush is your best solution.

Gently dab around the ring with the soft toothbrush paying closer attention to the hard-to-reach spots. Avoid using scrubbing motions because you can easily end up scratching the soft metal.

Always rinse and dry the ring before wearing it

After cleaning the ring it is important that you thoroughly rinse it and leave it to dry before you put it back on your fingers. A lot of people make the mistake of simply wiping the ring and wearing it right away.

This is highly discouraged because simply wiping it with a cloth or towel will not be enough to dry it completely, and a wet or moist ring will trap dirt faster and make it even harder to clean.

It’s therefore, in your best interest to let it lay on top of a clean cloth or paper towel to dry properly.

Clean using ultrasonic machine 

If you feel that the above options are too much work then you can get yourself one of these incredible ultrasonic machines to do the job for you.

Ultrasonic machines come with a user guide and will help you clean your ring within minutes, just like at the jeweller’s but in the convince of your own home. This is especially a good investment if you have multiple rings or jewellery to maintain.

How to Clean a Diamond Ring
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