Shopping for an Engagement Ring

How to Pick and Buy Engagement Rings

Shopping for an Engagement RingBuying an engagement ring can be both an exciting and stressful experience.

Sometimes it’s a very confusing thing.

How much should you spend? What kind of ring should you buy? Where should you buy from?

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Many more questions run through the minds of men (and women) all over the world when it comes to asking the person you love to marry you. That’s why we wanted to write this article – to help guide you through the process.


The first thing you HAVE to do is set your own budget. Don’t worry about these arbitrary numbers that society has set for you like “3 months salary” and other nonsense.

Sure, you want the ring to be nice and make a statement, but you shouldn’t have to mortgage a house just to do it. So set a budget that’s realistic for you.

Start with how much you want to spend on the setting and ring style. What kind of metal do you want? And how do you want the ring itself to look?

Once you’ve determined what type of metal you want you’ll have an idea of where your final budget will be. After you’ve done this then you decide how big of a rock you want.

And let’s just get this straight – it’s gonna be kind of expensive. It’s a diamond for God’s sake.

But if you choose the right diamond store to buy from you can save thousands of dollars and still get a great stone that will shine for years.


Once you choose a diamond you need to get the sizing right. Most people wonder how they’re going to size a ring when they’re trying to keep it a surprise from their to-be fiance!

There are methods to help you with this.

You could always steal one of your fiance’s existing ring and go have it sized without her knowing. She might think she lost it and you can replace it before it gets too late. You’ll probably want to get the whole thing done within a day.

But a better idea is to get one of your fiance’s friends to “borrow” a ring and have it sized that way. Of course this isn’t always possible. But the point is, you can get creative and find ways to get your girlfriend’s finger size without her knowing what you’re up to.

While we’re on the topic, here’s something interesting we found.

The 10 things no one tells you about shopping for an engagement ring:

  1. You’ll listen intently anytime she talks about jewelry
  2. Asking for permission will feel awkward
  3. You’ll want to talk to other guys who’ve gone through it before
  4. You’ll also feel the need to consult her friends
  5. You might not want to buy her exactly what she wants
  6. All diamonds look the same at first
  7. Learning the 4Cs is like studying for an exam
  8. Going custom will sound complicated and expensive (but it’s not)
  9. Your budget will be tested
  10. You’ll be exhausted by the time it’s time to plan the proposal