How to Wear a Wedding Ring The Right Way

How to Wear a Wedding Ring

Wedding and engagement rings are beautiful accents to a person’s hands that show a commitment to love.

And most people want to show that off proudly.

But how exactly are you supposed to wear engagement and wedding rings throughout different times in your life?

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Wearing a ring – regardless of what type it is – seems like a pretty trivial thing. People think you purchase a ring and throw it on your finger. But it’s not always that simple. How you wear a ring can really affect the effect of the jewelry.

The first thing you want to worry about is sizing. If you have an improperly sized engagement ring (which can often happen, seeing as it’s usually a surprise) get it fitted right away.

Once you’ve got a good fit it’ll look much better on your finger.

The next thing you need to worry about is how to wear the rings you have.

How to Wear Your Engagement Ring

If you’re wearing an engagement ring it’s likely a few months before the actual wedding. In modern times it is said the engagement ring should be worn on the ring finger of your left hand. (Usually the right hand is reserved for rings without any relationships attached)

Now where most people get confused is what to do on the wedding day. There aren’t any hard and fast rules – some women prefer to keep the ring where it is, and others switch it over to the right hand during the ceremony.

It’s a matter of choice really.

How to Wear Your Wedding Ring

Tradition dictates that the wedding ring be placed closest to your heart. As such, after the wedding you’ll probably want to place your wedding band on your left ring finger and your engagement ring over top.

But many women also choose to ignore tradition. And that’s totally fine too. Do what makes you feel best. If you feel like going against the grain, do it. If you feel like keeping the tradition alive, do it. It’s your day, your ring, your choice.

How to Wear Wedding and Engagement Jewelry
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