Why Buy Loose Diamonds

Why Buy Loose Diamonds

What are loose diamonds and why buy loose diamonds? These are diamonds that have not been fixed or set on a piece of jewellery. Loose diamonds are fast gaining popularity for a number of reasons. It is paramount to carefully evaluate a loose diamond before purchase. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and a great piece of sentimental value.

Carefully determine its value by using the 4cs namely clarity, carat weight, cut and color. One carat of a loose diamond is equivalent to about 200 grams of the actual diamond. It is however possible to come across bigger sized diamonds that weigh less. A diamond scale can however be used to determine the exact weight of the loose diamond. Find the best stores to buy from online.

Why buy loose diamonds?

Cost factor.

Loose diamonds that are not mounted on any other material come cheap. Loose diamonds are normally sold in wholesale hence cheaper. The overhead costs are next to minimal and this is transferred to the buyer by the dealer. The cost additional materials and manpower required to assemble them comes with additional costs.


Working with a loose diamond allows you to fix it on a piece of jewellery according to your taste and preference. You have more control over the end product because it allows allow you to work with designs that are unique and have your personal touch. It also allows you to buy yourself or your loved one a personalized diamond instead of one that was created with someone’s taste.

Loose diamonds are ideal for wedding and engagement rings where people prefer a ring that was specially created for them. This way, you also get to choose the setting and the stone. It saves on time because having to go from store to store looking for the right combination is eliminated. Loose diamonds can be set on various other forms of jewellery like earrings, necklaces, nose rings and bracelets.

Various cuts are available.

Many shapes are available for a customer to choose from. Example of cuts available are pear, emerald, heart shaped, and round. This gives you an avenue to choose from a wide range of cuts.

You can inspect a loose diamond from all angles.

Mounting covers a sizable amount of a diamond – whether earth mined or lab created – hence the buyer is unable to tell if the diamond has faults or not. Setting a diamond on other materials can definitely hide imperfections and you as the buyer might end up buying a diamond that is of less value than the amount of money that you have offered for it.

Always remember to ask for a certificate when buying diamonds. Buying a loose diamond is something you want to do if you want to create a piece of jewellery that has never existed before. The recipient will treasure this for years and years all because you were a little thoughtful in going the route of buying a loose diamond.The above reasons provide you with information on why buy loose diamonds. Buy your diamonds from a reputable dealer and be sure to do your homework before every purchase.

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