The 3 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in the World

The Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Does size matter?

This might be an endless debate that will go back and forth for centuries to come, but when it comes to diamonds, many people are in the option that the answer is yes.

The bigger, and more expensive the ring, the happier the marriage.

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While the jury is still out whether this is true or not, that didn’t stop these 3 men from shelling out big bucks on engagement rings for their loves. I guess when your leading lady has more jewelry than they could ever want, the only option is to go big.

That’s exactly what Paris Latsis, Jay-Z, and Richard Burton did – they broke the bank and stunned their wives-to-be with marvelous rocks, that to date, are the 3 most expensive engagement rings of all time.

Here are the World’s Most Expensive Engagement Rings

3. Paris Hilton

From: Paris Latsis
Worth: $4.7 Million

Paris meets Paris. If only they had also met in Paris, what a story that would be.

Don’t feel too bad for them though, they’ve got a pretty spectacular story to tell, from sharing the same name, to giving and receiving a 4.7 million dollar engagement ring.

The 24-carat white gold ring featured a large rectangular diamond at the center with two triangular baguettes on each side. Its band was made of white gold, and according to Paris Hilton, the ring was so big that it hurt her hand whenever she wore it.

Unfortunately, this couple didn’t last, but the ring was used for a good cause. After the couple had broken up, Hilton auctioned the ring to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

2. Beyoncé

From: Jay-Z
Worth: $5 Million

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are music royalty. From their relationship, combined earnings, and overall celebrity status, they are a powerhouse couple that is a force to be reckoned with. It is only fitting then, that when Jay-Z asked Beyoncé to marry him, he spared no expense when he finally “put a ring on it.”

We’re not talking about just any other engagement ring, I mean, come on, it’s Jay-Z. He asked Queen B to marry him with an 18-carat, octagon-shaped, high-quality diamond – priced at a whopping 5 million dollars. The diamond is set in platinum and is so unique that it is certified as an exceptional stone.

It’s safe to say nobody would say no to that, and Beyconé tied the knot with her first, and only love, in Jay-Z’s New York apartment in 2008. Although Beyoncé doesn’t wear the ring often, when she does it usually steals the limelight. You might want to wear sunglasses when looking at it.

1. Elizabeth Taylor

And the most expensive engagement ring in the world is….

From: Richard Burton
Worth: $8.8 Million

Talented and celebrated actress Elizabeth Taylor was married several times but her on again, off again, relationship with Richard Burton stands out more than any other, partly because of the big-money engagement ring involved. The quality and clarity of the 33.19 carat, IIa diamond are so exceptional that the asscher-cut stone is said to be chemically pure. After her death, Taylor’s ring was auctioned off and is now owned by an Asian collector.

Honorable mention

Kim Kardashian

From: Kayne West
Worth: Not confirmed

It should be mentioned that Kim Kardashian’s 2nd engagement ring, the one that was famously stolen in the Paris robbery just months ago, from Kanye West, is another top contender. We are talking about an otherwise identical, but bigger, diamond than her original 15 carat engagement ring designed by the one and only Lorraine Schwartz. The second ring, an emerald cut, center, D color, type IIa stone is set in a thin studded band with pave diamonds.

We’re putting this as an honorable mention because there is some back and forth on how much this 20 carat ring actually cost, ranging from 4.5 million, as it is most often reported in media coverage and police reports, to a whopping 10 million dollar valuation.

If you’re looking for a more extensive list. to see what other celebrities and influential people have spent, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re looking for your own ring, we have some helpful hints and tips for the best places to buy diamonds so you won’t break the bank (unless you want to give these people a run for their money) finding the right stone for you or your loved one.

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