Never be outdone with the multi-ring proposal!

An Atlanta man named William Hunn topped off a helicopter ride by proposing with FIVE engagement rings! Hunn said, “I just knew that I wanted it to be something that was going to be really special for her.”

William Hunn’s Instagram post @ichillwillfixit shows him proposing with 5 different options to choose from!

He said that he had gone ring shopping together with his girlfriend, Brittney Miller, and the five rings were all ones that Miller had shown interest in. Hunn later sold the other four rings back to his jeweler at a lower price.

The story of Hunn went viral after he proposed with five ring options. While proposing with 5 rings after a helicopter ride might not be for everyone, a new trend might emerge that shows how amazing it can be to do a multi ring proposal!

If you’re struggling to find the right ring and you want to make it a surprise she’ll remember forever, then a multi-ring proposal is something you should definitely consider!

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