New De Beers Diamond Jewelry Holiday Campaign

De Beers Holiday Ad Campaign
De Beers Holiday Ad Campaign

De Beers – the diamond jewelry behemoth – has just announced a brand new holiday ad campaign for 2015. It’s being described as a “call-to-action” campaign to try and spur demand for diamond jewelry, amid falling diamond prices.

The ads will be run in China and the United States and will have an apparent focus on “digital channels,” debuting in late November and running through until Christmas.

But the campaign isn’t necessarily directed towards everyone. It’s more targeted towards men who buy diamond jewelry for their partners. This makes sense for a holiday ad campaign.

Here’s what JCK says about the campaign:

The campaign, which is described in a release as a “call to action” advertising campaign, will target men purchasing diamond jewelry for their partners. It will feature “classic diamond products”—including diamond solitaire rings and necklaces, three-stone rings, stud earrings, and diamond bands—alongside attention-grabbing text to intended to “create a sense of urgency.”

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De Beers also announced that it will be bringing it’s signature slogan “Diamonds are Forever” back.

But despite the new ad campaign and slashing of prices by De Beers, some say don’t rush out and buy a diamond engagement ring just yet.

Here’s The Fiscal Times’ take:

De Beers, which is a unit of mining giant Anglo American and controls one-third of the global diamond market, initially tried to stabilize prices by ramping down its production. It had started the year with a production goal of 34 million carats, but has twice slashed the goal to a current 29 million to 31 million carats.

That hasn’t been enough to counterbalance sagging demand, so De Beers says it will invest in a holiday marketing campaign in an attempt to boost consumer interest.

In other words, you can expect to see a whole lot of diamond commercials soon — and in an interview with The Fiscal Times, one diamond industry expert predicted that the industry’s struggles will lead at least some retailers to cut prices this holiday season.

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So, are you going to wait before buying your next piece of diamond jewelry? It’s probably a good idea. It looks like demand for the stones are waning and retailers and producers alike will try anything to try and increase sales/demand.

There are always great deals going on with some retailers, so regardless of when you choose to buy your diamond jewelry, you’re likely to find a good deal.

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