The World’s Largest Vivid Blue Diamond To Auction For $45 Million

oppenheimer blue
oppenheimer blue

The world’s largest vivid blue diamond will be auctioned on May 18 in Geneva for a whopping price in the $35-45 million range. The price is explained by its former owner, its size and moreso its rarity.

The 14.6 carat rectangular cut gem was owned by Sir Philip Oppenheimer, the late chairman of De Beers.

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“Here’s a man who could have had any diamond in the world, and this is the blue diamond he chose to have,” said Rahul Kadakia, Christie’s head of jewelry.

It is the largest fancy vivid blue diamond ever sold at auction.

In the diamond world, blue diamonds are the most sought-after because they are very few in the world. Less than two percent of all diamonds discovered are blue. And only ten percent of those are larger than a carat.

All these make the Oppenheimer Blue worth all the mulla it’ll be auctioned for.

Blue diamonds are also the most expensive on a per-carat price. The 12.03-carat “Blue Moon Diamond” was sold by Sotheby’s in November for $48.5 million, setting a new record of $4 million per carat. If the Oppenheimer sells for the same per-carat price it would fetch more than $58 million. Christie’s official estimate on the stone is more conservative, though experts say it’s likely to sell for more than the $45 million top estimate. Read more…

You could get your check book and try for the Oppenheimer Blue or you could get yourself a more affordable diamond piece from a wide collection online.

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