Philippine Showcase of Imelda Marcos’s Diamonds Meant To Discourage Corruption

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The Philippine Govenment us currently showcasing the diamond jewelry of Ferdinand Marcos’s extravagant wife to show the public that corruption is a vice that needs to be eradicated.

The two-decade-long plunder gave the former first lady a chance to amass a $21 million collection of diamond tiaras, brooches, necklaces, and other types of jewels (as well as over a thousand pairs of shoes).

All this is an effort by the government to teach the youth about their country’s past and what was not so great about it.

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It is also done to raise awareness and consciousness in the lead up to the  general election on May 9.

Launched on March 16, Virtual Jewelry Exhibit, A Story of Excesses is a public awareness campaign conducted by the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) leading up to the general elections on May 9—in which three Marcos family members are running for office.

Marcos’s only son, Ferdinand Jr. (widely known as “Bongbong”), is currently a senator, and he’s a front runner in the vice-presidential race. His sister Imee is seeking to renew her gubernatorial seat. And their mother, the 86-year-old former first lady who amassed a $21 million collection of diamond tiaras, brooches, necklaces, and other jewels (as well as over a thousand pairs of shoes), is campaigning for a third term in the Philippine Congress. Read more…

The exibit also includes a social media strategy that pairs thought-provoking statements next to each exquisite piece.

Check them out.

The Marcos family jewelry, which the Philippine government plans to auction, was seized by US Customs when the family arrived in Hawaii in 1986, seeking exile.

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the People Power revolution that ended Marcos’s dictatorship.


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