On Auction Next Month: Shirley Temple’s 9.54-carat Diamond Ring

Shirley Temple Blue Diamond

Shirley Temple’s 9.54-carat Fancy Deep Blue diamond ring is going on auction next month.

In case you have some $35 million dollars just sitting somewhere, then you could be the proud owner of the bling that the late actress treasured immensely.

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Temple, who rose to fame after starring in Bright Eyes, Curly Top and Heidi, received the ring from her father  in 1940 -on her 12th birthday just after her movie “The Blue Bird,” had premiered. She kept the ring in her collection way in her post-acting diplomat days and until her death in 2014.

It’s expected to go up for auction at Sotheby’s on April 19 at an estimated price of $25 million to $35 million.

In the 40s, coloured diamonds were not the norm and definitely not on demand.

Not only is the ring detailed in an older cut and cushion shape with rounded corners, but its blue hue adds that extra elegance to the number. “They are incredibly rare,” says Everett of the cool shade seen on diamonds. “And to see one like this where the colors are just so beautiful and even and special is amazing just to hold in your hand.”

Temple’s father was clearly ahead of his time when it came to picking out jewels, as there wasn’t a huge interest in color diamonds back then, which could have been the reason that he was able to purchase the ring for $7,210. (The ring would cost roughly $122,000 with today’s dollars, according to Sotheby’s.)

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