How Social Media Helped Kim Kardashian’s Robber and What We Can Learn From It

Social Media Apps

We live on the internet. Social media is in our bloods.

We use it to communicate with friends, family, co-workers and business associates; we use it to post pictures from the French Riviera or the famous Trevi Fountain, if we’re lucky enough to have gone.

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We also use it to brag about something expensive we just bought and last but not least, we use it to make money.

Who is profiting?

The lives of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian`s are a driving force used to generate wealth and fame in when it comes to social media. It might sound glossy and attractive, but fame is actually a double-edged sword. Hearts, likes, and favorites are our fuel.

Celebrities, and us everyday people, get immense satisfaction when millions of fans which are following our every move. Attention is great, but what happens when you draw it from the wrong people? Sure the saying goes ‘ all press is good press’, but that’s not really true.

Are you exposing too much?

People following you to keep up with your lifestyle is one thing, but unintentionally positioning yourself on the attention radar of malicious people is something we all want to avoid. This what happened with Kim Kardashian.

Kim was robbed in the early hours of 3rd October 2016 in her apartment while she was in Paris for the Paris Fashion Week event. According to the French police, Kardashian was held at gunpoint by five assailants dressed as cops which then tied her and locked her in a bathroom. The robbers raided the apartment and left with jewelry worth $9 million. Including her new diamond ring, she had just flaunted on social media.

The role of social media

Kardashian earns her money by showing and exposing. That definitely makes her money but comes with an undesired consequence– everyone knows exactly what you do, where you are, and what you have. After the Kardashian`s Paris Fashion Week heist, one of the robbers arrested explained that stalking Kim on social media was an essential part of the robbery.

According to Le Monde, the 60-year-old French veteran robber, Aomar Ait Khedache, said that Kim Kardashian`s posts were the very thing that enabled the thieves to target her and see what they could get their hands on. Khedache also stated that just by looking on the internet, they were able to fill in gaps of information like what jewelry she would have, when she would arrive in France, and other important details.

Kim is not alone 

According to the Prince William County, Virginia website, over 75% of convicted burglars believe that other burglars are using social media to find targets. If we get a bit more technical, images contain EXIF meta-data, which can reveal a lot. Camera phones, such as the iPhone, automatically include GPS location data as image meta-data. According to the website, this information can easily be used to track the user`s location. To counter this unwanted exposure, most platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter now remove the EXIF data from uploaded photos, but not all external image hosts do.

So, next time you want to brag about your new 24-carat diamond, the one you’ve spent so much time looking into and finding the best jeweler to buy from, think about Kim.

Yes, it’s great to show off what you have, but try to remember that not all attention is good attention. Think before you post, or you may find yourself making a mistake that could cost you big time.

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