5 Things Not To Overlook When Buying an Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Considerations

Whether it is a promise for marriage, or as a sign of a woman’s unavailability, an engagement ring symbolizes long term commitment between a couple.

Buying an engagement ring is, therefore, a significant milestone in the lives of the soon to be partners for life.

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Even if you’ve spent hours and hours researching for the perfect ring, you might be overlooking some important points of consideration.

In the excitement of finding just the right diamond, and imagining the look on their face when you propose, it can be easy to lose site of the details.

Take a quick look at the list below to make sure you’ve double checked everything. Then all you have to do is wait for the big answer.

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The Ring Size of Your Significant Other 

Every ring has different tension settings along the band. Therefore, it is not easy to cut on the band to add metal or close the gap meaning not every ring can be resized to fit the intended wearer. It is recommended you get the best size for your partner and one of the ways of doing this is by taking the ring they most frequently wear to the jeweler for its size to be measured for an accurate measurement of the ring finger.

The Four C’s

While looking for a ring you encounter this term “the four C’s” a lot, it is a phrase that you might or might not have heard of before, representing the four most crucial features of an engagement ring. The four features include clarity, cut, carat, clarity determine the rings price and quality and it applies to regular earth-mined diamond and lab diamonds.

  • Color – The range of color in the gem is graded from a Z which is the poorest quality since it is notably yellow to D that is in essence colorless.
  • Carat weight – is the weight of the gem.
  • Cut – The stone cut is the most important feature as it determines the gems sparkle.
  • Clarity – It shows the level of imperfection in the stone, the higher the clarity, the greater the value of the rock.

Metal Option

The type of metal used for the ring band is of equal importance as the gem that is placed on it. Hence, it is imperative that while looking for an engagement ring you consider your partner’s preferences.

Their preference can easily be noted by identifying the type of metal on her favorite ring; the one she wears most frequently.

Engagement rings have become synonymous with gold or silver ring bands. However, depending on where you buy the diamond, you can think outside of the box by go for a platinum ring band or any other of the variety of options out there.

Every person is unique, and the perfect ring will be one that matches their personality.

Insurance Policy 

Not many would think to take an insurance policy on a ring even though they have spent a fortune on it. A receipt of purchase and an appraisal are important while deciding on the type of insurance you want to take for the engagement ring. It may also come in handy if your SO doesn’t care for their ring and you decided to exchange it.

Authentication Certificate

Likewise, an authentication certificate is necessary after the purchase of a ring. It shows where you bought the ring from and if the jeweler is reputable.

This authentication is necessary because it ensures the gem is traceable to its source assuring you of an authentic purchase.

A wedding proposal is a critical time for any couple, and the investment in an engagement ring as a show of love is a true symbol of love. Take a little time to make sure you cover all the bases, it is for forever after all.

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