Top 5 Engagement Ring Styles

Popular Engagement Ring Styles

When it comes to something as important, special, and meaningful as picking out an engagement ring, the choices can seem overwhelming.

Some things in life are meant to last forever, your marriage, your engagement ring, that carton of baking soda that has been sitting in your fridge for years doing whatever it is that baking soda in the fridge is supposed to do.

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Whether you are making the decision by yourself, or having help from your soon to be fiancé, friends, or family, there is a lot to consider.

We can get to metals later, but the true trick lies in the style of the ring.

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Check out the following five diamond styles that are guaranteed to win her heart.

1. Solitaire

Solitaire Engagement Ring

The solitaire ring takes its name from the French word for “alone.” Arguably the most popular style, it is basically a single diamond rock in a four or six prong setting. The four prong setting lets a little more light through, but the six is considered a bit more secure.

One good thing about this style is that you get to choose from a wide range of metal settings, such as diamond, gold, platinum, and silver. For even more elegance, you might want to choose a solitaire ring whose gemstone is set high to allow maximum exposure to light.

2. Twist and Swirl

This lovely and romantic ring style is arguably the most feminine of them all. It is typically sold as part of a set and features a spiraling pattern around the diamond. The twist section has rich gemstones and sparkling diamonds organized in a manner that most other ring styles cannot match. Generally speaking, the twist and swirl is a great option for you if the woman you love appreciates art or creativity.

3. The Trio

With the solitaire, you get one rock that says ‘you are my only one.’ With the trio, you get a trio of gemstones to symbolize your love in the past, present, and future. There’s really no other way to show eternal love and matrimonial commitment than a representation of all time.

The style includes an engagement and wedding band for the lady and a coordinating wedding band for you. The best thing about trio engagement rings is that they are versatile. You can choose one whose three rocks are different sizes, or one in which all the diamonds are uniformed. You can even go a step further and personalize the setting with side stones of various materials like rubies, sapphires, or other birthstones.

4. The Cathedral 

Is the love of your life always on the go? If so, then you might want to consider this engagement ring style. Designed with the arches of a cathedral in mind, this ring has its center rock nested firmly between bands that extend from each side of the ring. So while the center diamond is sufficiently protected from damage, it is also very visible to the eye. Quite a good way to say you understand that she always on the move, but that won’t come in the way of the love you share.

5. Design your own

Every relationship is unique and perhaps going with the standard option just isn’t right for you. Not to worry, you can always create a custom ring with your own specifications in mind.

You can choose your rock from well over 40,000 types of diamonds and combine it with an exquisite setting to buy a personal engagement ring that tells your love story. Show her that she’s one of a kind by creating a ring like no other.

These are some options to get you started, but by no means the only ones out there. Take a look around, check out our general guide to buying diamond, see what you like and don’t like, and work your way to finding the right jeweler and the perfect ring for your perfect love.

Top 5 Engagement Ring Styles

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