Upgrade Your Look for the New Year with a Diamond Statement Piece

Let’s be honest, 2016 was a bit of a downer for many people. Lots of our favorite celebrities passed away, the iPhone 7 was kind of a bust, it was an altogether kind of meh year for most people.

You’re not alone if you’re looking to the New Year to start off strong and wishing for a better one.

Weather you had a good year, or meh like the rest of us, one of the best things to do is to stay focus, like Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry.” What better way to do that than to have a constant reminder of beauty and value around you?

A diamond statement piece not shows off your status, but reminds you to keep going after the finer things in life throughout the whole year.

Here are the top 5 reasons why investing in a diamond for the New Year, is really the best investment you could make for yourself. 

1. Diamonds are timeless 

sparkling diamond

I can’t think of very many people who don’t like diamonds. Can you? With so many styles and options to choose from, lab-created, or mined; there is a way to get around virtually any objection and just enjoy their beauty.

I’m going to borrow a couple of quotes from Coco Chanel here that hopefully will resonate with all of us, “Simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance.” Could it get any simpler than having one statement piece?

As we take on more and more responsibilities, bills, mortgages, the cost of having children, and so on, we realize we have less and less spending money to throw at the latest fashion trends.

Simple, timeless staples, which are high quality and will last through the changing fads should become a top priority. “Fashion changes, but style endures,” again, Coco Chanel.

Diamonds are forever. Need I say more?

2. Lots of ways to wear them 


When we think of diamonds, most people automatically think of engagement rings and stop there, which is a shame. Diamonds are the one accessory that goes with anything.

There are so many different ways and options to incorporate diamonds into your daily wardrobe. From watches, to necklaces, earrings to tie clips, bracelets or brooches, you can find what works for you. Men, don’t feel left out, there has been a recent increase of men wearing diamonds as well!

3. Affordability

Loose Diamond Prices

Believe it or not, diamonds are getting more affordable, and it has everything to do with the increase in popularity of diamonds in our culture. Maybe this seems counter-intuitive but think about it. Previously, diamonds were only reserved for the very wealthy, or those getting married, and seemed out of reach for many people.

Then we began seeing celebrities wear them on their nails, necklaces, covering their car tires in them, the list goes on. Once more and more people realized they didn’t need to wait to be engaged to wear diamonds, demand took off.

And the result? Jewelers rose to the occasions and began offering different options for every use and price range imaginable. Online jewelers are some of the best places to buy diamond jewelry.

Since they save money by not running a store, they are able to give you a wider selection of options at a lower cost, saving your hard earned money.

4. They are beautiful

Best Wedding Jewelry

Having the right diamond statement piece for you will automatically make you feel more attractive and confident while wearing it. You know how they say ‘dress for success?’ Well, with a diamond, you’ll feel ready to face any situation all year round. Whether it is applying for school, interviewing for a job, or showing off at work or social functions, you’ll be prepared.

5. Say you care with a diamond 

This one is for those gift givers out there. I’ve been talking mostly about yourself up to this point, but since your spouse, or partner, is a reflection of you as well, you’re still making a statement by showing their happy, confident, selves off.

You’re also letting them know how valued they are, how much you appreciate them, and what they mean to you. This holds true whether you’re buying something special for your daughter, husband, mother, or someone else you care for. Give them a gift you know they’ll truly love.

If you’re ready to find out more, check out our definitive guide to buying diamonds. There are only two weeks left till the New Year, but great deals and prices can be found all year long!

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