Here’s How To Make Your Wedding Day Perfect

wedding day

The proposal finally came. You said yes with tears of joys and a heart filled with more love than ever before.

Then came the long arduous months of wedding planning and the highs and lows of being engaged. And you survived it.

Now the big day’s finally here.

Your dress is spectacular. All jokes aside, those pilates classes worked wonders. Your makeup is to-die-for.

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Your bridesmaids are as glamorous as can be. The flowers are just as you pictured. And the centerpieces are – oh my god- exactly as you described to the wedding planner.

Your heart’s already pounding. But one thing you are sure of is that your groom is everything you’ve ever wanted and then some.

So how could this day be any more perfect?

In three ways.

There are three things you can’t forget to do with the groom on your big day. Either while you’re on the aisle, on the dancefloor or posing for the camera.

Whether you step outside, head to a quiet corner or just take a second on the dance floor, take a moment to absorb it all and soak it up. Chances are, this is the only time you will have every single person you care about under one roof. Remember, and marvel in the fact that all these people are here for both of you, to celebrate your love and new life together. Make a memory together, and take mental snapshots even if it’s just for a few seconds.


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