What Diamond Jewelry to Wear With Your Wedding Dress

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Editor Note: This article is a guest post by Lesley from TheBestWeddingDresses.com.

Once your wedding dress has already been chosen, it’s time to start thinking about wedding accessories.

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For instance, the properly chosen jewelry can make your bridal look very luxurious and unique, especially if we speak about diamond jewelry. When you choose jewelry, you need to take into account the dress style, color and neckline.

Believe, it’s pretty hard to choose the best jewelry for your wedding dress. All the pieces with diamonds and other precious stones are beautiful, but you need to buy the ones, which fit your dress ideally. Here are some tips, which will help you to understand what jewelry pieces you will need to look beautiful and stylish.

Strapless Wedding Dresses

Strapless wedding dresses give you a chance to wear various types of jewelry as well as the ones with spaghetti straps. The most important is that the necklace lies halfway between the neckline and your collarbone. Take care that the necklace is neither too short nor too long. Otherwise, it may look unbalanced.

The necklaces, which are entirely covered with diamonds, will be an astonishing option, especially if they are rather big. Such necklaces are well-combined with simple diamond studs. Or, you can do vice versa by having luxurious earrings and a simpler necklace. You may also add a delicate bracelet for your arms.

V-Neckline Wedding Gowns

V-necklines look the best with long pendant necklaces with a single diamond. Such a necklace will form a V shape, which is matching to the neckline. In such a way, this beautiful neckline will be accentuated. Short dangly earrings will complement the bridal look ideally and will look great with such a minimalist necklace.

Also, you may skip the necklace and make an accent with chandelier earrings. If you think that you don’t need any accessories in the décolleté zone, you will look no less luxurious with statement earrings, which can be paired with a beautiful bracelet.

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High Neck Wedding Dresses

Basically, high neck wedding gowns as well as halter and asymmetric ones don’t look very good with necklaces. Of course, there can be some exceptions from this rule.

But we think that it’s better to make and accent on earrings. A pair of luxurious chandelier earrings will be absolutely enough to add the necessary chic to your bridal look.

Besides, you can have a matching bracelet, which will make you look even more gorgeous. However, bracelets are unnecessary if you have a wedding dress with ¾ and long sleeves.

Wedding Dresses with Bateau Neckline


Though bateau neckline is often referred as a kind of high neck, it allows wearing some necklaces. For instance, you can have a collar or choker style necklace. Such necklaces won’t withdraw attention from the dresses, but, at the same time, may complement them in a fantastic way.

A strand of pearls in a pair with stud or drop earrings will be a cool option. However, short necklace with diamonds and drop earrings will also look gorgeous.

Illusion Neckline Wedding Gowns

Illusion bridal gowns are very popular today. As the dress design is rather complicated, we offer not to wear necklaces with such gowns. It’s better to have massive earrings or the ones with large diamonds.

If the dress has no sleeves, complement the look by wearing a bracelet. Both thin and massive ones may be suitable.

Off the Shoulder Wedding Dresses

Off the shoulder dresses leave a lot of skin on show. However, unlike strapless wedding dresses, this neckline doesn’t allow so many variants of necklaces. The ones in a collar or choker design will be the best option in combination with drop earrings.

Or, like in the case with high necks, you may switch to accentuating your look with the help of earrings. Large drop earrings as well as chandelier ones will look extremely cool.

Wedding Dresses with Scoop Neckline

Scoop Neckline Wedding Dresses

Scoop necklines may have different depth. If the scoop neckline is rather high, you may opt for a choker, covered with diamonds. The medium scoop neckline looks cool with multi-strand necklaces, which will frame the top of your wedding dress. These necklaces will look organic with small studs.

A small pendant may be used for all depths of scoop necklines. But in this case, you are free to have larger earrings, for instance, drop ones.

Other Tips on Choosing Jewelry for Your Wedding

Besides looking good with the neckline, the jewelry must also look organic with the dress style. Classic and simple dresses look great with diamond pendants and pearls. If your dress is minimalist, you may also opt for rather massive necklaces and earrings. A matching bracelet can be also worn.

Ball gowns with crystal embellishments are rather self-sufficient and an understated necklace in a duo with simple drop earrings will be enough to complement your bridal look. Romantic lace gowns will look cool with earrings and necklaces of floral shapes.

The color of the dress may also influence the choice of the jewelry. Thus, white gowns look great with platinum and silver pieces while gold jewelry will be the best option for ivory and champagne wedding gowns. If you have a trendy blush wedding dress, you may try a rose gold.

As to the color of the diamonds, we like clear ones as they are more universal and look great with all the types of metal and all the colors of wedding gowns. However, you are free to opt for colored diamonds as well. For instance, if you have some pink hints on your wedding dress or accessories, a pink diamond may look very cool.

Now, the search of the proper jewelry for your wedding dress will be much easier as you already know what to seek for. And one more piece of advice: as diamonds are rather pricey, try to seek for the jewelry, which can be worn later, for instance with an evening or cocktail dress. Moreover, stick to more timeless designs than trendy ones. Classic diamonds will never go out of fashion.

What Diamond Jewelry With Your Wedding Dress
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