When Will He Propose? 3 Signs It Might Be Coming Soon

When Will He Propose

You have been in a serious relationship for quite a while, months go by, then years.

You’re happy, everything is going well, but your significant other has not proposed.

Engagement Proposal

Ok, that’s fine you think. Everyone works on their own time, who is to say after X amount of time, or X situations, its the right time to get married.

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This is easy to say, but sometimes harder to internalize. I mean, you want the happily ever after, the perfect proposal. You want that big, beautiful engagement ring, a white dress, to be surrounded by your friends and family while you celebrate your love.

Don’t give up on your dream, more likely than not, you’re closer to a proposal than you know. What your other half doesn’t know is while he is trying to plan the perfect moment to surprise you, he’s actually driving you mad with anticipation.

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While its not the best idea for yourself, or your relationship to agonize about his intentions, you can get a little peace of mind by keeping your eyes open for these signs that he is about to propose.

Begins to get closer to your family members

Families can be a handful. So many names of remember, pleasantries to make, repeated conversations to have. Getting to know your partner’s clam not something most people do if they’re not in it for the long haul.

If you realize that your man is beginning to get cozier with your relatives, this could be a subtle or intentional sign that he’s thinking about the next step. He might even start volunteering to go to events and want to know more about the family he’s planning to join.

Develops more interest in your jewelry

Generally most men don’t take a lot of  interest in jewelry. They say it is nice, they buy it for special occasions, but honestly, it’s not at the forefront of their minds.

If your man has never shown much care about jewelry, but suddenly he starts asking you  questions regarding the pieces you wear, this should set off a little light bulb in your head.

While its tempting to ask whats with the sudden questions, it may be easier to play along, and subtlety steer your SO in the right direction of your dream ring. Causally bring up what metals you like, diamond shape, or accidentally leaving your browser on your favorite diamond ring sites.

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Takes you to some of your favorite places

While some men make spontaneous, spur of the moment proposals, more often than not, they’re going to pop the questions somewhere meaningful. This may be at the restaurant you had your first date, the spot you met, somewhere  or somewhere you celebrating an anniversary.

He might also be planning to surprise you, and increase the likelihood of you saying yes, by taking you somewhere that has special meaning to you. Let’s say on your dream holiday, or suggesting a romantic experience out of the blue. Go along with these suggestions and don’t question it, you wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise of him getting down on one knee.

Once you know it’s coming, be patient. Remember, it’s a special moment for them too.

3 Signs He May Propose
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