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Loose Diamonds vs. Diamond Jewelry

Loose diamonds are cut diamonds (not necessarily rough diamonds) that have not been mounted on a setting (e.x. a piece of jewelry, ring etc).

Loose diamonds are quickly becoming popular because it allows for complete control over how the diamond is used. Buying loose diamonds for sale online is a convenient and easy way to purchase a stone at unbelievable savings.

Loose Diamond Exchange Reviews

Buy Loose Diamonds OnlineThe beauty of the internet is that it is a very resourceful tool when it comes to information. Information is power especially when it comes to buying commodities like diamonds that do not come cheap. By a simple click, you can find out if an online seller is reputable.

There are a lot of cons out there hence a site than is questionable will not survive for long. If a site is selling synthetic jewellery and trying to pass them off as natural, people will write about it online.If a site is trustworthy and values its customers, the same customers will sing its praises and that is a site that you can rely on.

Easy Diamond Comparison

Buy DiamondsIt takes a lot of searching for the perfect stone. Shopping for diamonds online allows you to compare different stores, their prices and types of diamonds they have without having to be there physically.

Moving from store to store physically can be time consuming and exhausting because the stores may be geographically located very far from each other. Also, imagine a situation where you are in Milan and would like to purchase diamonds in South Africa or Russia.

Wouldn’t it be easier to do look at different stores from your computer instead of traveling all the way there?


Most people are going for loose diamonds because it is easy to design unique jewellery according to personal taste and preference as opposed to buying ready-made jewellery. A buyer can choose a preferred stone, setting and shape. Most sites will allow you to design on their site.

Cost of Buying Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are cheaper than diamonds that have already been mounted of a setting. This is because they are sold in wholesale and sellers online do not have to pass costs like rent, security etc to the price jewellery. Buying online also saves you the cost of travelling to a store especially if you are in a far location.

Certainty of What You’re Buying

Mounted diamonds can not be viewed from all angles and can therefore conceal blemishes and which you might not be aware of. Jewellery that is used to make jewellery can also give a diamond a false illusion and make it look shinier or brighter than it really is. A loose diamond allows you to see it as it really is.

Our Recommendation:

blue-nile-diamondsOne of the great sites that you can use for buying loose diamonds for sale online is Blue It is a very easy site to navigate. BlueNile is a trusted dealer in GIA certified diamonds.

The site allows you the luxury of designing your own special creation online. It allows you to select a diamond and then a setting and experiment with various combinations and see which one works best for you. also deals with conflict free diamonds only. Conflict diamonds are diamonds that come from countries where miners are oppressed by governments are not recognized internationally.

Diamond Store OnlineIt has a strict policy towards illegal conflict diamonds. only buys diamonds from suppliers who adhere to the Kimberly process which was established to combat efforts to suppress conflict diamond trade.

The site also allows you to sign up for the credit card online. This allows you to get that fabulous diamond that your loved one desires make payment in smaller manageable installments without putting a strain on your budget.

The card has no annual fee, has several payment options and it allows you access to special promotions and offers eligible to card holders.

At, a prospective buyer has access to information from their education tab. This way, a buyer can read on various guides on how to chose a suitable diamond.The site also allows you to give feedback concerning their products and services and clearly this is a site that has nothing to hide.

What is GIA

GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America with their head office in . GIA is a non-profit organization that researches, educates, grade diamonds and issues certificates. It was established in 1931 by Robert M. Shipley. Before GIA , every jeweler had their way of grading diamonds and there was no uniformity.


This made the buyer susceptible to cons and a lot of sellers also dint know what they were selling hence under valuing or over valuing their products.

GIA uses the 4cs (clarity, cut, carat weight and color)to evaluate and grade their diamonds for quality assurance and valuing.

Precautions to take when buying diamonds for sale online.

The internet is a great place to purchase loose diamonds but it is also a place that attract a lot of cons. It is paramount to take measures to protect yourself so that you do not fall victim of untrustworthy sites. The following measures can enable you avoid scam sites.


Always make sure you do enough due diligence before making a purchase from a site. A lot of people have been conned into believing that they are buying natural diamonds while in real sense the seller was advertising for synthetic diamonds.

There are enough reviews available and remember if you don’t get any information about a site, avoid it too as it could be new and you don’t want to be the first victim. Research about a site will also make you understand what a seller’s stand is on issues like conflict diamonds.

Customer Service

Go for a site that values you as a customer. You can ask a simple question and see how they respond. The way a site handles your query is enough to tell you what quality of goods you will have delivered. Lack of customer service might also reflect on their ability to deliver satisfactory goods.

Certified Diamonds

A good site will sell certified diamonds. This will protect you, the buyer and ensure that you get quality goods. It will also help you to avoid unknowingly purchasing stolen, synthetic or overvalued diamonds.

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