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Lab Created Diamonds

What Diamonds Are Made

Diamond Clarity and Inclusions

GIA Certification

Moissanite vs Diamonds

When Diamonds Were Discovered

We’ve also got full reviews of James Allen JewelersWhiteflash and Blue Nile that we encourage you check before making a decision!


Latest Diamond Blog Posts


All About Pear Shaped Diamond Jewelry

So what’s with Pear Shaped diamonds, anyway? The kind of diamond you choose when popping the big question can certainly play a role in how well that proposal goes over. Of course it won't change a...

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How Diamonds Are Mined?

Diamonds will continue to fascinate human kind with their unique qualities and properties. There are two types of legitimate diamonds – earth mined and lab created. They’re both real diamonds, but...

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Buying Loose Diamonds vs. Diamond Jewelry

First things first, let's agree on some terms: Loose diamonds are cut diamonds (not necessarily rough diamonds) that have not been mounted on a setting, just like any diamond you see on sites like...

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GIA Certifications & Grading Labs

It is very important for diamonds shoppers to protect themselves by buying diamonds that were assessed & graded by highly reputable labs, and GIA is the #1 lab that comes to mind or any context...

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What Are Diamonds Made Of?

Diamonds are precious stones that are often referred to as the ultimate symbol of love and wealth. Ever thought what are they made of? They are essentially made up of carbon atoms that are rigidly...

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Lab Created Diamonds – The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the ultimate information guide on lab created diamonds. In this guide we’ll go over everything you need to know – from definitions and industry information to how they’re made, how much...

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