All About Pear Shape Diamond Jewelry

by | Apr 21, 2023

The diamond you select to accompany your momentous proposal can, indeed, set the stage for that magic moment.

While it won’t make or break the outcome (let’s be honest, a ‘no’ won’t flip to a ‘yes’ because of a shiny stone), it adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness and personal touch. After all, the ring serves as an embodiment of the wearer, mirroring her unique style and personality.

Trust us, she’ll melt knowing that you’ve gone the extra mile to find a diamond that perfectly mirrors her taste. That’s why many couples these days opt for a joint ring-hunting adventure, especially when the proposal isn’t exactly a surprise.

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In the realm of endless stones and ring styles, hunting for that perfect ‘forever stone’ can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack. While the solitaire diamond has held its place as a timeless symbol of engagement, who’s to say that you can’t break away from the conventional and choose something singularly unique yet enduringly beautiful?

So, let us introduce you to the world of pear-shaped diamonds, a distinctive blend of tradition and originality that might just be the perfect fit for the special someone who’ll be wearing it.

Pear Shape Diamonds Overview

With an aesthetic reminiscent of a teardrop, pear-shaped diamonds echo the elegance of the oval cut. Yet, they have an uncanny knack for appearing larger than their actual size, all thanks to their elongated and slimming shape.

The magic lies in the slightly tapered sides of the pear cut, adding a dash of drama as the diamond narrows down. It’s a cut that many believe echoes sentiments of love almost as poignantly as a heart-shaped diamond, given its similar outline.

When observers catch a glimpse of your ring, they’re instantly drawn to the expansive surface area on top, largely oblivious to its inward slant towards the setting.

Are pear-shaped diamonds new?

While they’re gaining popularity as a contemporary alternative to the classic round cut diamond, pear-shaped diamonds are far from new. They’ve been around, charming us with their traditional aesthetics infused with a distinctly modern allure.

How To Wear Pear-shaped Stones?

You might be inclined to wear the ring with the diamond pointing towards you, letting you admire the pear at a glance. But surprisingly, wearing it the other way round can be far more impactful.

With the tip of the diamond pointing towards your fingernails, the pear-shaped stone exudes an extraordinary appeal, instantly catching the eye of observers. This orientation not only elongates the fingers for an elegant look but also sparkles with the same intensity as round cut diamonds.

Sporting a whopping 58 facets, the pear cut diamond rivals the brilliance of a disco ball, refracting light beautifully.

A bonus to the pear-shaped diamond? Its production requires less material wastage, which often means a reduced price tag when compared carat for carat with other cuts. All this makes it a stunning yet economically wiser choice for an engagement ring.

The Pear-Shaped Diamond: A Symbol of Joy and Elegance

Akin to a teardrop or a droplet of water, the pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is a symbol of joyous tears and harmonious symmetry. Its rounded end gracefully tapers into a pointed tip, presenting an illusion of size that makes the stone appear larger than its actual carat weight.

Think of the pear-shaped diamond as a beautiful union of the classic round cut and the marquise cut. This creates a unique aesthetic, perfect for the modern woman who cherishes her individuality just as much as her sense of style and elegance.

What to Look for When Choosing a Pear-cut Stone?

The brilliance of any diamond boils down to its cut, and the pear-shaped diamond is no exception.

When you’re browsing pear-shaped diamonds on platforms like James Allen, you won’t find a specific cut grade as you would for round diamonds. Instead, focus on aspects like symmetry, table and depth percentages, and the length-to-width (L/W) ratio.

A well-cut pear-shaped stone boasts appealing symmetry. The tip should align flawlessly with the midpoint of the rounded end, and the curves should mirror each other in size.

While there are no rigid rules about the dimensions of the stone, an ideal pear-shaped diamond is typically 50% longer than its width. This proportion is crucial to achieve a balanced and visually striking piece that’s nothing short of spectacular.

Pear Cut Diamonds on Celebrities Hands

Famed personalities such as Victoria Beckham, Anna Kournikova, and Princess Charlene of Monaco have been spotted dazzling with pear cut diamond rings.

This diamond shape has become a hot favorite among women who crave distinction and a unique flair.

In today’s digital age, where every sparkle is photographed and instantaneously shared, having a ring that stands out ensures that your snapshots are shared for all the right reasons.

Where to Buy Pear-shaped Diamonds

You might find it challenging to locate a wide array of pear-shaped diamonds in local stores. Even though its popularity is on the rise, the classic round cut still reigns supreme in traditional retail outlets.

This is where the power of online shopping comes into play.

Renowned platforms such as James Allen, Whiteflash, and Blue Nile provide an extensive selection of pear diamonds, making it a breeze to find the perfect one for you.

With tens of thousands of pear-shaped diamonds at your fingertips, the hunt for your unique gem becomes an exciting journey rather than a tiresome chore.


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