Fancy Shape Diamonds: Guide to Unique Cuts & Styles

by | Feb 14, 2024

Fancy Shape Diamonds offer a world of elegance and diversity beyond the classic round cut, inviting enthusiasts and future owners to explore the myriad of shapes that enhance the natural beauty of diamonds. This article illuminates the unique appeal of fancy shape diamonds, delving into the distinct characteristics, and factors influencing the choice of each shape. Readers will gain insights into how these shapes impact a diamond’s appearance, the nuances of pricing, and the considerations for selecting the perfect setting. Whether you’re contemplating an investment or seeking a personal symbol of love, understanding the allure and versatility of fancy shape diamonds will guide you towards making an informed decision that resonates with your style and values.

Exploring Fancy Shapes

  • Detailed descriptions of various fancy diamond shapes

Fancy shape diamonds are like the diverse landscapes of our world, each with its unique beauty and character. Here’s a closer look at the most beloved fancy shapes, each a testament to nature’s artistry and human craftsmanship.

  • Princess Cut:


A beacon of modern elegance, the princess cut dazzles with its sharp angles and brilliant facets. Like the strong and majestic mountains, it stands out for its contemporary charm and intense sparkle.

  • Oval Cut:


The oval diamond, with its elongated shape, is like a serene lake reflecting the sun’s rays. It offers a flattering illusion of length to the hand, combining the brilliance of a round cut with a more unique form.

  • Marquise Cut:


Resembling the hull of a canoe navigating the waters, the marquise cut boasts an elongated shape with pointed ends. This cut maximizes carat weight, giving the illusion of a larger diamond.

  • Pear Cut:


A harmonious blend of the round and marquise shapes, the pear cut, or teardrop diamond, is reminiscent of a raindrop glistening in the sun. Its exquisite symmetry offers a soft, refined elegance.

  • Cushion Cut:


The cushion cut, with its rounded corners and larger facets, evokes the gentle warmth of a sunlit meadow. It captures light beautifully, known for a romantic glow reminiscent of vintage charm.

  • Emerald Cut:


Like gazing through the clear, still waters of a tranquil pond, the emerald cut showcases understated elegance with its open table and step-cut facets. It offers a hall-of-mirrors effect, emphasizing clarity with a sophisticated flair.

  • Asscher Cut:


Bearing resemblance to the emerald cut but in a square shape, the Asscher cut is like a window to the soul of the diamond. Its deep facets and high crown celebrate vintage sophistication with a modern twist.

  • Radiant Cut:


Merging the brilliance of the round and princess cuts with the outline of an emerald cut, the radiant cut is as vibrant as the morning sun. It’s known for its lively sparkle and versatility in various settings.

  • Heart Cut:


The heart cut, a symbol of love and affection, mirrors the deep forests and valleys that shape our earth. Crafting a heart-shaped diamond requires skillful artistry, making it a rare and special choice.

Each fancy shape diamond carries its own story, inspired by the natural world around us. Whether drawn to the elegance of the emerald cut or the uniqueness of the pear cut, choosing a fancy shape diamond is about finding a piece that resonates with your spirit and style.


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Factors Influencing the Choice of Fancy Shapes

  • Reasons to choose Fancy Shape Diamonds

Choosing a fancy shape diamond is like selecting a companion for your journey, where personal style, current trends, and the allure of celebrity and royal preferences converge to guide your decision.

  • Personal Style:

Your choice of a fancy shape diamond often mirrors your personal narrative, much like how traditional attire speaks to one’s heritage. Whether you’re drawn to the boldness of the marquise cut or the soft curves of the oval, each shape offers a way to express your unique identity and taste.

  • Current Trends:

Just as the rivers change their course with the seasons, fashion trends evolve, and so does the popularity of certain diamond shapes. What’s in vogue can significantly influence preferences, making some shapes more sought-after than others at any given time.

  • Celebrity and Royal Influence:

The choices of celebrities and royals are like the stars in the night sky, guiding the masses in their selections. A fancy shape diamond worn by a well-known personality can spark interest and demand, much as a royal headdress might inspire the attire of the people.

  • Symbolism and Meaning:

Some fancy shapes are chosen for their symbolism; for instance, the heart shape as a token of love, or the emerald cut reflecting clarity and sophistication. These shapes carry stories and meanings that resonate deeply with individuals, influencing their choices.

  • Practical Considerations:

The decision may also be swayed by practical aspects, such as how certain shapes might appear larger on the finger or how they complement the wearer’s hand. Just as a well-chosen tool makes the work easier, so does the right diamond shape enhance beauty and comfort.

In the landscape of fancy shape diamonds, the path to choosing the perfect gem is woven from the threads of personal style, the whispers of trend winds, the influence of those walked before us, and the practicalities of everyday life. Each diamond shape holds a spirit, waiting to align with yours, creating a bond that reflects your journey, your dreams, and your love.

The Impact of Shape on a Diamond’s Appearance

How Different Shapes Can Alter the Perceived Size and Brilliance of a Diamond

Navigating through the world of fancy shape diamonds is akin to understanding the diverse landscapes of our earth, where each shape, much like each terrain, has its own way of capturing the light and casting its beauty.

  • Perceived Size:

The silhouette of a diamond plays a pivotal role in how large it appears. Much like a wide river seems more expansive than a narrow one, elongated shapes such as oval, marquise, and pear can appear larger than their round counterparts of the same carat weight, offering a generous expanse of beauty on the hand.

  • Brilliance and Fire:

The way a diamond is cut and its shape determine how light dances within and escapes from the stone, much like sunlight filtering through the leaves. Round brilliant cuts are renowned for their unmatched sparkle and fire, while shapes like the emerald and Asscher, with their step cuts, offer a different kind of allure with their clear, mirrored depths and subtle play of light.

  • The Illusion of Depth:

Certain shapes can create a mesmerizing depth that draws the eye inward, akin to gazing into a clear lake. The emerald cut, with its broad, flat plane, allows for a deep, unobstructed view into the heart of the diamond, making it seem like a gateway to another world.

  • Flattering the Hand:

Just as certain landscapes resonate with us more deeply, some diamond shapes complement the hand better than others. For instance, slender shapes like the marquise or oval can elongate the fingers, much like a path through the forest guides the traveler’s journey.

  • The Play of Light:

Each diamond shape interacts with light uniquely, creating a spectacle as varied as the seasons. While round diamonds might celebrate the sun at its zenith with bright brilliance, cushion cuts offer the soft glow of a sunset, warm and inviting.

In the realm of fancy shape diamonds, each shape tells its own story, offering a window into a world of beauty and intrigue. Just as we choose our paths through the natural world, so too do we select the diamond shapes that best reflect our journey, our style, and the way we want to shine our light into the world.

Comparing Fancy Shapes

  • Analysis of the Aesthetic Appeal and Practical Considerations

The following table provides a snapshot of how each fancy diamond shape stands out in terms of its beauty and how practical it is in daily life, from the security of its setting to how easy it is to keep it shining brightly. Each shape offers a unique blend of aesthetic and practical benefits, making the choice of the right diamond a personal journey of style, preference, and lifestyle considerations.

Fancy ShapeAesthetic AppealSetting SecurityEase of MaintenanceBrilliance and FireHand Flattery
OvalElegant elongation, offers distinct sophisticationModerate, pointed ends require protectionRelatively easy, fewer crevicesHigh brilliance, similar to roundVisually lengthens fingers
MarquiseUnique, sophisticated appearanceNeeds careful setting to protect pointsModerate, due to shapeHigh brilliance and fireVisually lengthens fingers
HeartSymbolizes love, unique symmetryRequires careful setting for the pointModerate, intricate shape can catch debrisVariable, depends on cut qualityFlattering, adds a romantic touch
PrincessContemporary, sharp anglesHigh, corners require protectionRelatively easy, but corners can catch debrisVery high brillianceComplements the hand well
EmeraldUnderstated elegance, clear depthModerate, edges can be prone to chippingRequires more maintenance, due to open facetsSubdued brilliance, emphasizes clarityAdds a sophisticated touch
AsscherVintage sophistication, deep facetsModerate, similar to emeraldRequires more maintenance, step cuts trap debrisSubdued brilliance, vintage appealEnhances elegance
RoundUnrivaled sparkle, universally flatteringHigh, versatile and secure in various settingsEasiest to maintain, minimal crevicesHighest brilliance and fireUniversally flattering

Fancy Shapes and Diamond Pricing

  • Examination of How Different Fancy Shapes Affect the Price of a Diamond

The journey of a diamond from the rough to a polished gem is as unique as the stories passed down through generations, and this journey significantly impacts its final price. Let’s explore this path together.

  • Yield from Rough:

When we consider the yield from the rough, we’re looking at how much of the original stone remains after it’s cut into a fancy shape. Some shapes are more generous, allowing more of the diamond to remain, much like how a skilled hunter utilizes every part of the buffalo. Round diamonds, while popular, often result in a lower yield from the rough, making them more precious. Fancy shapes, on the other hand, can vary greatly in their efficiency and, therefore, their cost.

  • Market Demand:

The river of demand flows ever-changing, and the shapes that capture the hearts of many can often command higher prices. Just as a rare herb might be sought after in the market, so too are certain diamond shapes like the timeless round or the increasingly popular oval. These preferences can cause the prices of certain fancy shapes to rise, reflecting the collective desires of the people.

  • Craftsmanship Required:

The artistry and skill required to transform rough diamonds into sparkling gems also play a role in pricing. Intricate shapes that demand precise cuts, such as the heart or pear, might carry a premium, much like a finely crafted piece of pottery.

  • The Dance of Light:

How a diamond interacts with light – its brilliance, fire, and scintillation – is influenced by its cut and shape. Shapes that maximize these effects, offering a dazzling display like the sun setting over the plains, may be more highly valued.

  • The Rarity of the Shape:

Some fancy shapes are less common, either due to trends or the complexity of their cuts. These rarer shapes, like the elusive asscher or the captivating marquise, can sometimes fetch a higher price, akin to the value placed on a rare sighting in the wild.

  • 1 Carat Fancy Shape Diamond Prices

The current average cost of a 1 carat fancy shape diamond stands at $3,803 ‘At the time of writing’ (refer to the price chart below). Prices for 1 carat fancy shape diamonds vary widely, ranging from $1,589 to $8,231, influenced by the diamond’s specific shape, color, clarity, among other criteria. For detailed information on how pricing varies by each shape, please consult 1 carat diamond prices table provided below.

1 carat fancy shape diamond price chart

Source: stonealgo

  • 1 Carat Fancy Shape Diamond Prices Table

Here are the latest prices for the most sought-after 1 carat diamond shapes ‘At the time of writing’. Keep in mind, that these prices fluctuate periodically. The pricing covers diamond color grades from D color to J and clarity grades from FL clarity to SI1. To dive deeper into specific shapes and view our top diamond recommendations, click on any of the 1 carat diamond indices listed below.

Fancy Shape DiamondsPrice (USD)
1 Carat Oval Diamond$3,040
1 Carat Princess Diamond$3,400
1 Carat Emerald Diamond$3,210
1 Carat Cushion Diamond$3,910
1 Carat Radiant Diamond$4,390
1 Carat Pear Diamond$4,060
1 Carat Heart Diamond$3,800
1 Carat Marquise Diamond$2,860
1 Carat Asscher Diamond$3,530

In the realm of fancy shape diamonds, the interplay of yield, market demand, craftsmanship, and the inherent beauty of each cut creates a landscape as varied and dynamic as the earth itself. Each shape tells its own story, not just of its creation and allure, but also of its journey through the hands of those who seek to capture a piece of eternity. This journey, from the heart of the earth to the heart of the beholder, is reflected in the price of each precious stone.

Choosing the Right Setting for Fancy Shape Diamonds

Selecting the perfect setting for your fancy shape diamond is like choosing the right frame for a precious piece of art. It’s not just about enhancing its beauty but also about safeguarding its spirit and integrity. Here’s some advice to guide you in making a choice that lets your diamond shine in all its glory.

  • Complementing the Diamond’s Shape:

Just as each landscape requires a unique approach to be truly appreciated, every fancy shape diamond benefits from a setting that complements its unique contours. For example, selecting a setting with 6 prongs setting can protect the pointed ends of marquise or pear-shaped diamonds, much like how the banks of a river protect its waters. For a clearer picture, take a look at this👇

Marquise Cut Diamond Common Prong Six Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Common Prong Six Round Diamond Engagement Ring – James Allen


Pear 2mm Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring (Six Prong)

Pear 2mm Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring (Six Prong) – James Allen


  • Maximizing Brilliance:

The right setting can illuminate a diamond’s brilliance as the sun lights up the sky at dawn. A halo setting, for instance, can amplify the sparkle of your fancy shape diamond, making it appear larger and more radiant. Exactly like this👇

Pavé Halo Diamond Engagement Ring (Princess Center)

Pavé Halo Diamond Engagement Ring (Princess Center) – James Allen

  • Security and Protection:

Ensuring your diamond is securely held within its setting is akin to building a sturdy shelter against the elements. Bezel settings can offer a smooth, protective edge around softer shapes like the oval or cushion, keeping them safe from life’s knocks and bumps. Here’s an example of what it looks like👇

Bezel Set Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Bezel Set Oval Diamond Engagement Ring – James Allen

  • Harmony with Lifestyle:

Consider how the ring fits with daily activities, much like choosing the right horse for a long journey. Some settings are better suited for those with active lifestyles, offering greater protection and less maintenance.

  • Reflecting Personal Style:

Your ring should be a reflection of your inner self, expressing your personal style and story. Whether it’s the classic elegance of a solitaire setting or the bold statement of a three-stone design, choose a setting that resonates with your spirit. Here’s also what both settings look like👇

3.3mm Cross Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

3.3mm Cross Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring – James Allen


Three Stone Fancy Shape Diamond Accents Engagement Ring

Three Stone Fancy Shape Diamond Accents Engagement Ring – James Allen

In selecting the right setting for your fancy shape diamond, you’re doing more than just encasing a stone; you’re creating a haven that enhances its beauty, protects its essence, and tells a story that’s uniquely yours. Let your heart guide you to the setting that not only showcases your diamond in the best light but also mirrors the journey you’re on together.

Fancy Shape Diamonds as Investment Pieces

Venturing into the world of fancy shape diamonds as potential investments invites a thoughtful exploration of their rarity and the possibilities of their resale value. Like treasured heirlooms passed down through generations, these gems hold more than just immediate beauty; they carry the promise of enduring value.

  • Understanding Rarity:

The rarity of fancy shape diamonds plays a significant role in their appeal as investments. Certain shapes, due to their unique cutting requirements and the raw material needed, are less commonly found. This rarity can enhance their value over time, much like a rare piece of art.

  • Market Demand:

The desirability of specific fancy shapes can fluctuate with fashion trends and personal preferences. Investing in shapes that have shown consistent demand or are emerging as trendy can influence the investment’s success. However, classic shapes like the oval, emerald, and cushion often maintain steady popularity.

  • Resale Value Considerations:

When considering fancy shape diamonds as an investment, it’s crucial to ponder their potential resale value. Factors such as the diamond’s quality, the precision of its cut, and its overall appeal to future buyers will impact its marketability.

  • Quality and Certification:

High-quality fancy shape diamonds, especially those certified by reputable organizations, tend to hold their value better. A diamond’s certification can provide assurance to future buyers, making it a more liquid investment.

  • Long-term Perspective:

Viewing fancy shape diamonds as long-term investments is key. The diamond market can be volatile, and patience is often required to realize a return on investment. Like planting a seed and waiting for it to grow, investing in diamonds requires foresight and a willingness to wait for the right moment.

In the realm of investments, fancy shape diamonds offer a unique opportunity to blend the joy of owning a beautiful, tangible asset with the potential for financial growth. Their enduring beauty, coupled with the careful consideration of market trends and quality, can make them a valuable addition to any investment portfolio.


As we draw the curtains on our exploration of fancy shape diamonds, we’re reminded of the vast beauty and intricate details that these gemstones embody. Each fancy shape diamond, with its unique silhouette and captivating light play, is a testament to nature’s artistry and human craftsmanship.

  • The Allure of Uniqueness:

Fancy shape diamonds stand out for their distinctive appeal, offering a break from the traditional round cut. Their varied shapes – from the romantic curves of the heart to the sleek lines of the emerald cut – allow for personal expression and customization in jewelry that speaks to the heart.

  • A Symphony of Light:

Beyond their shapes, these diamonds engage in a mesmerizing dance with light, showcasing brilliance, fire, and scintillation in ways that captivate and enchant. The choice of a fancy shape can dramatically affect how a diamond interacts with light, making each piece a unique spectacle.

  • Considering Your Journey:

For those on the path to choosing a fancy shape diamond, it’s a journey of balance between aesthetic desires and practical considerations. Reflect on how each shape complements your style, the story you wish to tell, and the legacy you aim to create.

  • Investment in Beauty and Value:

While fancy shape diamonds offer the joy of owning something truly beautiful, they also hold the promise of enduring value. Whether as a symbol of love, a statement of personal style, or an investment piece, these diamonds carry within them the potential for growth and appreciation over time.

In the end, fancy shape diamonds are more than just stones; they are fragments of the earth’s mystery, shaped by time and human touch into symbols of love, commitment, and beauty. As you consider adding one of these treasures to your life, remember that it’s not just about the diamond’s shape or price, but the joy and meaning it brings to your journey.

May your choice of a fancy shape diamond illuminate your path, adding sparkle to your steps and reflecting the beauty of your spirit to the world.

FAQ About Fancy Shape Diamonds

  • What are fancy shape diamonds?

Fancy shape diamonds are any diamonds that deviate from the traditional round brilliant cut. These include a variety of shapes such as princess, oval, marquise, pear, cushion, emerald, asscher, radiant, and heart, among others. Unlike the round cut, which is standardized in terms of facets and proportions, fancy shapes offer a diverse range of cuts, each with unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal.

These shapes allow for personalized expression in jewelry, catering to a wide range of styles and preferences. Fancy shape diamonds provide an alternative to the classic round diamond, showcasing unique silhouettes that can enhance the stone’s brilliance, size perception, and overall visual impact.

  • What is the most elegant shape of a diamond?

The most elegant shape of a diamond often comes down to personal preference, as elegance is perceived differently by each individual. However, the emerald cut is frequently celebrated for its refined elegance and sophistication among fancy shape diamonds. Known for its long, step-cut facets and rectangular shape, the emerald cut offers a distinct, mirror-like clarity and a vintage appeal that many associate with understated elegance.

This shape emphasizes the diamond’s pure color and clarity, providing a classic and timeless look that has adorned royalty and celebrities alike. Ultimately, the choice of the most elegant diamond shape is subjective and should reflect the wearer’s personal style and the characteristics they most admire in a gemstone.

  • What is the most expensive shape diamond?

The round brilliant cut diamond stands out as the priciest among diamond shapes, distinguished by its 58 facets designed to maximize light reflection, resulting in unparalleled sparkle and brilliance. Crafting this cut demands considerable skill and precision, contributing significantly to its elevated cost.

  • Is a fancy cut diamond good?

A fancy cut diamond is an excellent choice for those seeking uniqueness and personal expression in their jewelry. These diamonds, which deviate from the traditional round brilliant cut, offer a wide range of shapes including oval, pear, marquise, and emerald, among others. Each fancy shape provides its own set of aesthetic qualities, such as the elongated elegance of an oval cut or the vintage charm of an emerald cut.

Fancy cut diamonds can also appear larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight, due to their elongated shapes and larger table sizes. Furthermore, they often come at a lower cost per carat than round brilliant diamonds, offering value alongside distinctive beauty. Ultimately, the appeal of a fancy cut diamond lies in its ability to match individual style preferences while still offering the dazzling brilliance diamonds are known for.

  • Which diamond shape is most affordable?

Princess-cut diamonds stand out not just for their popularity among fancy diamond shapes but also for their affordability. The cost-effectiveness of princess-cut diamonds can be attributed to the efficient cutting process, which requires the removal of less raw diamond material to achieve this distinctive shape. This efficiency in preserving more of the original diamond results in a lower price point, making princess-cut diamonds a favored choice for those seeking both style and value.

  • Are fancy cut diamonds more expensive?

Fancy cut diamonds can vary in price, often being 10-43% less expensive than their round brilliant counterparts. This variation in cost is due to the round brilliant cut’s high demand and the greater amount of raw diamond that must be removed to achieve its shape, which results in higher waste and, consequently, a higher price.

In contrast, many fancy cuts, such as the princess, oval, or marquise, can be fashioned with less waste from the diamond rough, making them more cost-efficient in terms of carat weight retained. However, the price of fancy cut diamonds also depends on factors like the diamond’s overall quality, including its color, clarity, and the precision of the cut, as well as market demand for specific shapes.

  • Are fancy diamonds rare?

Fancy diamonds, particularly those with unique colors and shapes, are indeed rare and considered highly valuable. While the term “fancy diamonds” often refers to diamonds with distinct colors, including yellows, pinks, blues, and greens, fancy shaped diamonds also fall within this category due to their unique cuts.

The rarity of these diamonds stems from the uncommon occurrence of natural coloration in diamonds, as well as the specialized skill required to cut diamonds into shapes beyond the traditional round brilliant. This rarity contributes to their desirability and value, making fancy colored and shaped diamonds sought-after pieces for collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike.

  • What are the benefits of fancy-shaped diamonds?

Fancy-shaped diamonds offer several benefits, including unique aesthetic appeal, the perception of larger size for the same carat weight compared to round diamonds, and often more affordable pricing. These shapes allow for personalized expression in jewelry, catering to diverse styles and preferences. Additionally, fancy shapes can maximize a diamond’s visual impact, making them a popular choice for those seeking distinctive and eye-catching pieces.

  • Which fancy shapes look smaller?

Certain fancy shapes can appear smaller than others when viewed from above, primarily due to their cut and proportions. Shapes like the Asscher and emerald cuts, known for their deeper cuts and larger open tables, may appear smaller in surface area compared to other fancy shapes of similar carat weight. This is because these shapes prioritize depth and clarity over spread, which can impact their perceived size.

  • How To Wear A Fancy Cut Diamond?

Wearing a fancy cut diamond beautifully involves choosing a setting and style that complements both the unique shape of the diamond and your personal fashion sense. Opt for a setting that secures the diamond well while highlighting its distinct features, such as a bezel setting for added protection or a halo setting to enhance its size and sparkle.

Consider the jewelry piece’s overall design to ensure it matches your lifestyle and the occasions you plan to wear it. Whether set in a ring, pendant, or earrings, allow the fancy cut diamond to be the focal point, pairing it with simpler pieces to let its unique beauty stand out. Lastly, select a metal color that accentuates the diamond’s color and shape, ensuring it reflects your personal style and complements your skin tone.

  • What To Look For When Choosing A Fancy Diamond?

When choosing a fancy diamond, consider the Four Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight, with a special focus on the quality of the cut, as it greatly influences the diamond’s brilliance and shape. Look for a shape that resonates with your personal style and the piece’s intended design. Evaluate the diamond’s color to ensure it enhances the stone’s overall beauty, especially for colored fancy diamonds where hue, saturation, and tone are critical. Assess the clarity to ensure any inclusions do not detract from the diamond’s appearance.

Finally, consider the carat weight in relation to the diamond’s dimensions, as some shapes can appear larger than round diamonds of the same weight.


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