20 Best Emerald Cut Engagement Rings for Your Big Day

by | Jul 17, 2023

If you wonder: Is it ok to use an emerald cut as an engagement ring? Definitely!

Emerald cut engagement rings give a glamorous and reflective effect similar to a captivating mirror thanks to its wide facets.

With their elegant nature, emerald cut engagement rings ensure that your precious stone commands attention with undeniable presence, and our collection is like no other. Stick around as we list the best and most gorgeous emerald cut engagement rings in the market today.

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Emerald Cut Diamond vs Emerald Gemstone


Green emerald stone with an emerald cut (Source: Pinterest)

The Emerald Cut has maintained its position as one of the most favored diamond cuts. However, the terminology surrounding this cut often leads to confusion.

Questions arise: Does it imply a green diamond? Is it referring to an emerald or a diamond? What precisely characterizes an emerald cut?

It is entirely normal to feel confused between emerald cut diamonds and emerald gemstones, and we’re here to clarify the difference.

The shape of the emerald cut was originally created for green emerald gemstones because they are soft stones and require special care in the process of cutting to prevent the stone from getting chipped. This means that the emerald as a cut is great for maintaining the stone’s clarity, and diamond experts tried the emerald cut on diamond stones to benefit from the technique of cutting diamonds in the shape of the emerald cut.

Luckily, the emerald cut became popular between celebrities and shoppers interested in buying emerald cut engagement rings or just buying diamond rings cut in the shape of the emerald cut which is now one of the most famous diamond cut shapes in the world. 

What Is the Emerald Cut?


Clarity grades of emerald cut diamonds (Source: Pinterest)

The emerald cut diamond effortlessly catches the eye with its rectangular or square shape, distinguished by wide and expansive facets that create a step-like appearance, gradually narrowing towards the center of the gemstone.

Emerald cut diamonds are famous for their clarity level thanks to their elongated surfaces. 

What Makes Emerald Cut Diamonds Unique?

Emerald cuts possess special qualities that make them stand out from other diamond cuts. The first quality is clarity; emerald cut diamond rings are generally famous for their clarity because of their long smooth surfaces.

The second quality is elegance and class which are the two impressions given by an emerald cut diamond ring, as many celebrities choose this cut for their wedding or engagement ring.

The third quality is the availability of emerald cut diamond rings with different characteristics depending on buyers’ tastes and preferences. Some shoppers opt for a minimalist emerald cut diamond while others fall in love with extravagant emerald cuts with royalty features.

Whatever your preference, the emerald cut diamond won’t disappoint you.

Concerns Regarding Emerald Cut Diamonds

While emerald cut diamonds are a top choice for many shoppers, others hesitate to buy an emerald cut diamond ring for several reasons.

Even though emerald cut diamonds are famous for their clarity, the brilliance or sparkle is lessened in them. If you prioritize brilliance over clarity, then perhaps a low brilliant emerald cut diamond isn’t for you, so we advise you to check out brilliant round cut diamond as they top emerald cuts in sparkle.

The clarity level of an emerald cut diamond is highly dependent on your choice and examination of diamonds, and it takes skillful craftsmanship to create a flawless stone without noticeable inclusions, so examine it closely.

Emerald cut diamonds have sharp corners or edges, and this quality is subject to personal preference, so choose an emerald cut diamond that adheres to your liking. 

Are Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Expensive or Affordable? 

The prices of emerald cut engagement rings differ depending on what you compare them to. For example, emerald cut diamond rings are cheaper than round-cut diamond rings as there is less demand for the emerald cut in comparison to the round one.

Quality, size, and clarity determine the price range of emerald cut engagement rings, meaning that if you compromise on size and choose a 0.5-carat ring, it will be much cheaper than a large 3-carat ring.

Blue Nile, our favorite diamond retailer, has a specific price range for 1-1.02 carat emerald cut diamonds with these qualities/filters (G-color, VS2, excellent-cut ) and they range between $3,776 – $6,132 dollars. 

Where to Buy Emerald Cut Engagement Rings?

Blue Nile, James Allen, Ritani, and Whiteflash are the best shops to buy emerald cut engagement rings online or in-stores. We recommend them to every shopper who’s searching for unique choices with different price ranges that suit every budget or preference.

Check them out today, or check our list of emerald cut engagement rings!

Our Favorite Emerald Cut Engagement Rings  

Choosing an emerald cut diamond ring for your engagement or wedding can be overwhelming, specially with the diverse scope of ring selections available in every online or offline store. 

Our selection of emerald cut engagement rings is like a shopping guide to help you take a look at some of the most beautiful rings offered by Blue Nile, James Allen, and Ritani, which serve thousands of customers worldwide.

Shop the ring that captures your heart by clicking on it, and discover more details from the retailer, such as the ring’s available carats and colors.

James Allen Comfort Fit Engagement Ring

James Allen Comfort Fit Engagement Ring

This is a stunning 1 carat emerald cut diamond ring from James Allen emerald cut engagement rings and it reflects simplicity and minimalism without giving up on elegance.

We selected the magnificent 1.01-carat emerald-cut diamond for its exceptional brilliance and captivating allure. 

Blue Nile French Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring


This 1 carat emerald cut diamond ring showcases a solitary emerald-cut diamond as its centerpiece, ensuring its remarkable size takes the spotlight. However, rest assured that this dazzling piece also includes a diamond pavé band, adding an extra touch of sparkle to its overall allure. The band is available in rose gold, white, platinum, or yellow gold. 

Blue Nile Floating Diamond Engagement Ring


Every dime added on the band of this ring is chosen carefully to reflect an everlasting impression of wealth, royalty, and taste. You can get this ring from our our collection of emerald cut engagement rings today from Blue Nile emerald cut engagement rings

James Allen Emerald Cut Diamond Vintage Infinity Engagement Ring


Always think about the ring’s appearance on your hand when choosing from the emerald cut engagement rings available in stores, and what distinguishes this remarkable vintage emerald cut engagement ring from James Allen is that it makes your fingers look taller and thinner. 

Ritani Emerald Vintage Halo Micropavé Diamond Band Engagement Ring


Ritani offers various selections of vintage emerald cut engagement rings similar to this exquisite yellow gold emerald cut diamond ring which beautifully mixes the white color of diamond and the yellow color of gold. 

Blue Nile 14K White Gold Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring


When it comes to the band or setting of an engagement ring, it doesn’t have to be crafted from rose gold or platinum  metal. An alternative option is to opt for a 14k white gold band, just like this beautiful 1 carat emerald cut diamond ring available in the Blue Nile collection of emerald cut engagement rings.

James Allen Tapered Baguette Emerald Halo Engagement Ring


At the heart of this enchanting piece is a magnificent 1.18-carat emerald cut diamond, expertly selected for its exceptional clarity and brilliance. The elongated shape of the emerald cut creates a mesmerizing play of light, accentuating the diamond’s natural beauty.

The setting/band is crafted with precision using high-quality 14K white gold, providing a lustrous backdrop that perfectly complements the diamond’s radiance.

Blue Nile Emerald Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring


This emerald cut sapphire ring is associated with qualities such as loyalty, trust, and faithfulness. It symbolizes sincerity and commitment, making it an ideal choice for expressing your love and devotion. 

James Allen 2.17 Carat East West Oval Diamond Engagement Ring


This breathtaking 2.17 carat emerald cut diamond ring is not only a testament to your love and commitment but also a reflection of your exquisite taste. It is a symbol of everlasting love and promises a lifetime of cherished memories.

Crafted with precision, the diamonds are set in a refined 14K white gold band, designed to showcase the brilliance of the center and side stones. The band features a sleek and contemporary design, accentuating the timeless beauty of the diamonds and creating a captivating silhouette on the finger.

Blue Nile 2 Carat Studio Empress Diamond Engagement Ring


If you’re seeking a touch of sparkle with a twist, take a look at the Petite Twist Diamond Engagement Ring from Blue Nile’s collection. This delightful and luxurious 2 carat emerald cut diamond ring offers a fun and extra lavish option for your consideration. 

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this ring offers the perfect balance of sophistication and modernity.

Blue Nile 2 Carat Riviera Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring


The sparkling band, the shining emerald cut diamond in the middle, and the excellent mixture of elegance and joy are all offered in this beautiful 2 carat emerald cut diamond ring from Blue Nile.

You don’t have to worry about carat size because Blue Nile provides this Riviera Pave diamond ring in 1-5 carats and the price varies depending on your choice. 

James Allen 14K Yellow Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring


Experience the epitome of glamour with the Emerald Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring from James Allen.

Why limit yourself to a single diamond when you can enjoy the exquisite beauty of three? This stunning ring offers a captivating display of elegance, showcasing three emerald-cut diamonds that radiate brilliance and sophistication with a touch of yellow gold on the band. 

James Allen Emerald Cut Diamond Twisted Pavé Engagement Ring


While many prefer the traditional white ring, some individuals appreciate a touch of color in their jewelry. For those seeking a timeless yet distinctive 2 carat emerald cut diamond ring, the Emerald Cut Diamond Twisted Pavé Engagement Ring in classic rose gold is an ideal choice. Available in a stunning 2.19 carat option, this ring offers a captivating twist on the classic style.

Ritani Vintage Halo Diamond Engagement Ring With Surprise Diamonds


Vintage emerald cut engagement rings are gaining huge popularity, so we had to include this vintage ring in our collection of emerald cut engagement rings thanks to its sparkling band and huge stone.

James Allen Emerald Cut Diamond Round Raised Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring


A 3 carat emerald cut diamond ring is an excellent choice for those seeking a big diamond stone on their wedding or engagement ring, and this James Allen ring gives you a royal appearance with an unforgettable impression.

James Allen Emerald Cut Diamond Falling Edge Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring


Emerald Cut Diamond Falling Edge Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring (Source: Pinterest) 

This exquisite 3 carat emerald cut engagement ring is a true showstopper, designed to capture attention and admiration thanks to its sparkling band and magnificent centerpiece. 

Ritani Masterwork Halo Diamond Band Engagement Ring


The femininity of this gorgeous emerald cut halo diamond ring is undeniable, as it’s similar to a rose or a flower with the special diamonds surrounding the centerpiece.

Blue Nile Petite Twist Diamond Engagement Ring


This beauty is the ultimate expression of elegance as it combines yellow gold and diamond with a twist on the band, making it look fun and adorable all at once. 

James Allen Emerald Natural Blue Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring


James Allen’s emerald cut sapphire ring complements a variety of metal settings, such as white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. It also pairs beautifully with other gemstones or diamond accents, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities to suit individual preferences, so we had to include it in our emerald cut engagement rings list. 

Blue Nile Classic Pear Shaped Sapphire Engagement Ring


Combining sapphire and diamond when choosing a new wedding ring is a great choice to add a bit of color to the emerald cut engagement ring of your choice like this stunning pear-shaped sapphire ring from Blue Nile. 


Is 1 carat good enough for engagement ring?

Buying a 1 carat emerald cut diamond ring is a great choice for lovers because of its gorgeous appearance and  affordability compared to buying a 3 carat emerald diamond ring which costs significantly higher than a 1 carat ring. 

Why don’t emerald cut diamonds sparkle? 

Emerald cut diamonds are less sparkly because of their step cut making their clarity more prominent than their brilliance. 


We trust that our carefully curated selection of the finest emerald cut engagement rings has captured your interest and aligns with your preferences. Feel free to explore Executive Ice for more informative posts on diamonds and wedding rings, serving as your go-to resource for expanding your knowledge about these precious gems.


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