3 Cheat Sheets to Buy Diamond Jewelry Like a Pro

by | Aug 28, 2022 | Diamonds


Buying diamond jewelry can be stressful – you’re spending a lot of money and want to make sure you’re buying the right thing.

So we put together 3 diamond buying cheat sheets that you can use to make the best decision possible when shopping for diamond jewelry.

And to make it even easier, we’ll send all 3 cheat sheets directly to your email address so you can download them to your phone and have them handy wherever you go!

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Choosing The Right Diamond –

Explaining The 4 Cs

Diamond Shapes and Diamond Types –

Quick Reference

Diamond shapes guide

Jewelry Metals Explained –

Characteristics of Different Jewelry Settings

Diamond shapes guide

Thanks for checking out our 3 cheat sheet infographics to help you buy diamond jewelry like a pro!

We hope it’s been helpful. Feel free to share the graphics with anyone you think could benefit.

And don’t forget to download your cheat sheets so you’re never left without them.

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