How Diamonds Are Mined?

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Diamonds will continue to fascinate human kind with their unique qualities and properties. There are two types of legitimate diamonds – earth mined and lab created. They’re both real diamonds, but are formed differently.

Very few people have a clue of what to answer when it comes to the question: How are diamonds mined?

Lengthy, expensive processes and different equipment types are involved in extracting the stones from the earth’s surface. Diamond mining combines engineering, science, art, patience and hard work.

How are diamonds mined? There are several methods to mine diamonds, and they mainly depend how deep the diamond is located in the earth’s surface.

Diamond Mining Techniques

There are several methods that are used to mine diamonds, as mentioned, they depend on depth, but also cost associated/available for the mining process, as some techniques are more expensive or time-consuming over the other.

Let’s take a quick look on the most common mining techniques.

1. Open Pit Mining

This is also known as the open cast method and is the most common method. A few factors like the strength of the rock and the type of equipment available are important to consider when choosing this method. In this method, layers of earth are etched and more layers are created immediately below them. The result is a large pit and round layers connected by roads.

Careful geometrical precision has to be used to ensure correct width and height for safety and stability of the mine. Early stages of the mine are more flat and become steeper with each subsequent mining procedure. After excursion, the diamond rich material is brought to the surface for selection and sifting.

2. Underground Mining

When the open pit becomes too steep, it becomes unsafe and unstable to continue mining using this method, it also become very expensive.

This type of mining is also suitable for diamond that has already been brought near the earths surface by volcanic pipes. After diamonds are located, man made pipes and tunnels are constructed under careful precision.

This method also encompasses two types of techniques; block cave mining and underground mining in tiers.

Block cave entails blasting blocks of rock. The ore breaks and caves under its own weight. This is a less expensive method.

3. Alluvial Mining

When volcanic activity happens deep within the sea, diamonds are brought closer to the surface.

The miners wait for diamonds near the earth’s surface to be washed down the river beds and beaches. The diamonds are normally brought to the surface by erosion together with strong winds and waves.

This was common in India between the 9th century BC and 19th century AD.

In this technique, walls are built to hold back the soil and water in areas that have been found to have rich deposits of diamonds.

The sand is then collected and taken to a processing plant where it is carefully sifted until the diamonds are found.

4. Marine Mining

This is the newest technology in mining. It involves using vertical and horizontal methods which are used to excavate the diamonds from the sea bed.

A drill skull that has a diameter of about 7 meters is used to slash and suction the diamond rich material. It is pumped into the earth’s surface to recover the precious stone.

Crawler-like technology is used and a vacuum is created by use of compressed air. Before this technology was introduced, divers-operated equipment was used but such methods could only go to a depth of about 30 meters.


Diamonds take billions of years to be formed, and finding them isn’t easy as well, as we saw above, there are mainly 4 methods that are used to mine diamonds.

We hope this article answered the question that comes to our mind when we see diamonds on our favorite diamonds store.

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