An Honest Whiteflash Review for 2023

by | Apr 20, 2023

Whiteflash has been garnering significant attention lately, but contrary to what some may believe, they are not newcomers in the diamond industry. In fact, they’ve been in business for over two decades, predating even James Allen!

This comprehensive review aims to shine a spotlight on everything we know about Whiteflash. Drawing from our own experiences, customer referrals, and widespread internet feedback, we’ll cover the company’s history, the quality of their inventory, their customer service, and more.

Is Whiteflash a reliable choice for online diamond and jewelry purchases?

Or should you think twice before buying?

Whiteflash doesn’t position itself as a conventional diamond retailer. Though they stand toe-to-toe with industry titans like James Allen and Blue Nile in terms of pricing, their unique selling proposition lies in their premium cut diamonds, particularly their A CUT ABOVE® line.

Let’s delve deeper into this review of Whiteflash.

A Little Background on Whiteflash

Though Whiteflash hasn’t been in the industry forever, they were quick to venture into the online diamond jewelry market. Starting at the dawn of the millennium, they swiftly garnered a solid global reputation.

Interestingly, their growth was fueled not by high-budget marketing campaigns, but by word-of-mouth, attesting to the caliber of the retailer you’re dealing with when you choose Whiteflash. The company was awarded the Better Business Bureau’s “Pinnacle” Award in 2018 – the bureau’s highest honor. In 2019, they were recognized as the best jewelry retailer in Houston, Texas.

Headquartered in Houston, Whiteflash also boasts a notable physical store in Sugar Land.

Before delving into a detailed review, lets see how does their website compare to their major competitors.

Main Advantages

  • Superior product imagery and video presentation
  • Exclusive selection of ideally cut diamonds
  • Exquisite designs and precise cuts
  • Exceptional pre- and post-sales customer service and educational resources
  • Complimentary international shipping
  • Acclaimed by esteemed entities such as the Better Business Bureau

Main Disadvantages

  • Limited selection compared to some larger retailers
  • Diamond imagery is better than most, but not the highest quality available
  • Men’s jewelry collection is somewhat limited

Online Jewelry Shopping Experience at

Venturing into the online shopping world of is a delightful experience. From the onset, the quick-loading homepage impresses, dismissing any frustrations of delayed gratification. The website’s dark aesthetics mirror the elegance typically associated with an in-person visit to a boutique jeweler.

The shopping journey is remarkably streamlined, with major store sections prominently displayed for easy access. The design successfully circumvents excessive clutter, offering a clean and engaging shopping interface. While the large drop-down menus might occasionally prove intrusive, it’s a minor inconvenience that’s common with many websites.

One of the standout aspects of the shopping experience at Whiteflash is the multitude of browsing options available.

Customers can browse by jewelry type, diamond cut, or designer name, and then filter further based on multiple criteria to find the perfect piece.

Can’t decide between several desirable items?

Whiteflash offers a handy “compare” feature, facilitating side-by-side examinations of all crucial information. However, the comparison pages could include more detailed information, like the carat weight and clarity of any diamond melee included in the ring.

While this detail is available on the individual product pages, its absence from the comparison page disrupts an otherwise smooth browsing experience. Nonetheless, overall, the shopping journey at Whiteflash is an enjoyable one!

Diamond Imagery

Purchasing diamond jewelry online can be a challenge due to the lack of a physical inspection. Therefore, high-quality imagery is a crucial element when assessing an online retailer’s offerings.

In the past few years, Whiteflash has considerably upgraded their diamond imagery. In 2019 and possibly 2020, many of Whiteflash’s diamonds lacked images or only had a static 2D image, which was insufficient for decision-making.

By the end of 2020, an increasing number of diamonds on Whiteflash were represented with a 3D view, like a playable video, which was significantly more helpful than a static image.

However, when it comes to diamond imagery online, James Allen has long since set the bar high and surpassed all competitors. As a result, any comparison of diamond imaging technology will inevitably use James Allen images as benchmark, making it challenging for others to excel in this area.

That being said, the imagery quality on Whiteflash is superb, providing clear views of diamonds from various angles. While you shouldn’t expect a James Allen-like experience, it is still quite commendable.

Product Quality at Whiteflash

Your initial impression of a brand often informs your understanding of its professionalism, its status within the industry, and its competitive positioning. When visiting Whiteflash’s website for the first time, it’s evident that quality is paramount. Everything on the site, from the imagery to the messaging to the color scheme, communicates this priority.

Whiteflash positions itself as the purveyor of premium cuts and high-quality diamonds, with its signature line of superior ideal cuts: The A CUT ABOVE®.

To validate their claims, we made a ring purchase in the summer of 2020, when they began providing real images of their collections. The received product mirrored its online depiction perfectly, with the diamond reflecting light just as brilliantly as portrayed in the website’s 360-degree videos.


To supplement our personal experience and the reviews featured on their site, we scoured internet forums like Quora, Reddit, and Yelp to read about other customers’ experiences with Whiteflash. We also engaged their customer support through multiple covert inquiries and even requested videos of specific diamonds under regular lighting – a request they gladly fulfilled.

In summary, Whiteflash indisputably offers high-quality products.

In terms of inventory, while Whiteflash does not have as extensive a collection as James Allen or Blue Nile, their focus on premium cuts sets them apart. As of writing this review, they have around 1,000 in-house diamonds and approximately 11,000 virtually outsourced diamonds.

Most of Whiteflash’s diamonds have AGS certificates, as the company is a member of the American Gem Society. The AGS laboratory is recognized as the leading authority in cut quality analysis.

Therefore, if you’re seeking a diamond with an excellent cut, Whiteflash is undoubtedly the place to shop.

Additionally, they offer a broad selection of designer jewelry and engagement rings from top industry brands. For those seeking truly unique and inspiring pieces, Whiteflash features collections from prestigious names like Danhov, Simon G, Verragio, Tacori, and more.

Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds

A notable feature of boutique jewelers is their unique offerings that you can’t find at regular large chain jewelry stores. At Whiteflash, this means their exclusive A CUT ABOVE® “super ideal” diamonds, which are distinctively brilliant.

These diamonds are essentially Whiteflash’s signature line of Hearts and Arrows diamonds. For a diamond to be classified as a Hearts and Arrows diamond, it needs to be a flawless round cut stone displaying a 3D alignment or symmetry of the facets and a perfect hearts and arrows pattern.

Only after passing image testing to validate light performance and earning AGS’s “ideal” certification does it get to be counted among the finest sparkling stones globally.

Whiteflash boasts an impressive collection of such diamonds.

Whiteflash Collection

One area where Whiteflash somewhat falls short is in the range of diamond and setting selections. While they offer a vast array of beautiful stones, rings, and other jewelry types, their assortment is not as extensive as some other favorite retailers.

The reason is likely that Whiteflash specializes in IDEAL cuts and designs. They do not inflate their inventory with products that do not meet their high standards.

Essentially, Whiteflash is not the go-to store for someone seeking a “regular” ring or diamond. Other stores offer such rings and diamonds in vast numbers, and it’s unlikely that Whiteflash will expand significantly in this direction, given their positioning in the premium selections market.

Customer Service and After Sales Support

Whiteflash distinguishes itself as one of the best places to shop for jewelry through their excellent after-sales programs.

Their offerings include a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year service plan that covers refinishing and repairs resulting from normal wear or manufacturing defects.

But what if you decide you don’t like your purchase after 30 days? They’ve got you covered.

For a full year after purchase, Whiteflash will buy back your diamond (from its in-house certified collections) for 70% of the original purchase price. This reassurance means you’re protected in various ways if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Beyond these policies, Whiteflash provides a lifetime 100% “trade up” guarantee. If you wish to exchange your stone for something larger or more radiant, they’ll essentially buy back your original stone for 100% of what you paid for it, leaving you only to pay the difference.

Coupled with their highly trained staff of GIA and AGS certified gemologists, who are there to assist you at every step, this makes Whiteflash an ideal place to shop for your next piece of jewelry.

If you prefer not to interact with anyone, you can simply browse their comprehensive online library of diamond education to gain the knowledge you need.

Final Recommendation

If you’re in the market for a magnificently beautiful diamond set in an equally stunning piece of jewelry, is an excellent choice. Their high-quality selection and rigorous standards are among the reasons why they have our high regard, and why they were selected as one of our top picks for the best diamond retailers of 2022.

What truly distinguishes Whiteflash, however, is their exceptional customer service and after-sales support. Their evident commitment to ensuring their customers’ satisfaction is vitally important, especially when you consider that you might be planning to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a piece.

Thank you for reading our comprehensive review of Whiteflash. If you’re considering purchasing diamond jewelry, we highly recommend giving them a try. They deliver on their promises, providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service, making your jewelry shopping experience a truly rewarding one.


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