Will Jewelers Buy Back Engagement Rings?

by | Apr 21, 2023

Finding the one and deciding to propose is a thrilling experience. You’ve selected the perfect engagement ring and popped the question, but sometimes things don’t pan out as expected.

As days turn into months, you realize the relationship isn’t what you had imagined.

You find yourselves in constant disagreements and the charm starts to fade, leading to a mutual consensus to part ways.

You’re left with the ring, a reminder of a chapter now closed, or perhaps a proposal declined. In either case, you’re now confronted with a pricey question: will jewelers buy back the engagement ring you’ve purchased from them?

Will Jewelry Stores Buy Back a Ring?

When it comes to local jewelry stores, there’s no straightforward answer as it largely depends on various factors.

These might include the store’s reputation, the length of time you’ve had the ring, and whether it’s a standard or customized piece.

However, it’s generally unlikely that they’ll offer you a full refund for the engagement ring, primarily because it’s now deemed as a used item, irrespective of how long it’s been with you or even if it has never left its box.

Your partner might have declined your proposal the day after purchasing the ring, but from the jeweler’s perspective, it’s no longer a brand-new product.


A returned engagement ring carries a backstory that potential buyers might find off-putting. After all, it’s a significant purchase typically associated with love and commitment. Would you feel comfortable buying an engagement ring that was returned because the couple didn’t end up getting married?

In some rare cases, a store owner might consider buying the ring back, but don’t expect a full refund. They need to resell it at a profit, so at best, you might recoup around 70% of what you originally paid.

But what about online retailers like James Allen, Blue Nile, or Whiteflash?

Most well-established online jewelry stores do offer a money-back guarantee, usually within a 30-day window from the purchase date. The crucial condition here is that the ring must be in its original, unworn state. Jewelers have a keen eye for detail and will know if a ring has been worn or altered.

So, here’s a piece of advice: Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. If you’re planning a proposal, try not to purchase the ring too far in advance. As disheartening as it is to think about, around 25-30% of proposals are rejected.

Therefore, it’s wise to consider the possibility of a return. The disappointment of a rejected proposal is bad enough; adding a potential $10k loss on a non-returnable ring can make the situation even more distressing.

So Now What You Can Do? Where to Sell your Diamond?

If you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate position of having a returned or unaccepted engagement ring, you do have several options available:

1. Pawn Shops: These establishments are willing to buy a wide variety of items, including diamond rings. However, they generally pay significantly less than the item’s initial value (often less than half).

2. Diamond Buyback Services: Certain online platforms, such as Abe Mor and Worthy, specialize in buying back diamonds. This could provide a better return than a pawn shop.

3. Private Sale: Selling directly to another consumer might get you a higher price. Consider reaching out to your social circle; there may be a friend, or a friend of a friend, who’s interested in purchasing a diamond ring.

4. Online Marketplaces: Platforms like Craigslist and eBay allow you to list your diamond ring. Be sure to provide comprehensive details about the ring, but avoid mentioning its history as a rejected engagement ring. Such information might result in potential buyers trying to lowball you.


In conclusion, while it can be daunting to be stuck with an unwanted engagement ring, don’t lose hope. Start by checking with the store where it was purchased. If they won’t accept a return, explore the options listed above. Remember, a pawn shop should be your last resort due to the low return they typically offer.


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